Monday, July 16, 2012

Sony HX200V -18.2 Mega Pixel H Series 30x Optical Zoom Cyber-shot

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DSC-HX200V-Digital Still Camera-H Series

High Zoom And
Super Steady Performance
For Incredible Results

Conquer low-light environments with powerful imaging technology

18.2 CMOS Sensor
Optical Zoom
Auto Focus
9 Picture Effects
Photo Creativity
Superior Auto Mode

"Exmor R™" CMOS sensor with Extra High Sensitivity technology
Clear images even in dark environments

30x Optical Zoom
/ 60x Clear Image
View distant objects up close with amazing clarity

High Speed Auto Focus
Capture moving subjects accurately

Photo Creativity (includes 9 Picture Effect modes and others)
Turn your pictures into works of art

GPS, Compass and GPS Log REC functions
Record the location and direction of captured images

3.0(7.62 cms) "Xtra Fine" LCD screen
View your photos in wide angle display

18.2MP "Exmor R™" CMOS Sensor With Extra High
Sensitivity Technology
Capture brilliant photos in low light environments

The powerful 18.2 Megapixels "Exmor R™" CMOS sensor utilises a unique back-illuminated technology and is twice as sensitive to light as conventional CMOS sensors. Its heightened sensitivity ensures superb-quality images with extremely low noise,even when they are taken in dark environments. And with Extra High Sensitivity technology that is automatically activated when shooting in low light conditions, you can enjoy image recording at maximum resolution.

CMOS Sensor

30x Optical Zoom / 60x Clear Image Zoom
Close in on the details even from afar

Capture full sceneries without compromising on image quality. With up to 30x Optical Zoom, distant subjects can be transformed to impressive close-ups. Through this powerful function, you enjoy sharpness and clarity all the time.

High Speed Auto Focus
Catch all the action all the time

Never miss any shooting opportunity. A combination of 3 technologies – newly developed lens, "Exmor R™" CMOS Sensor and BIONZ Imaging Processor – this advanced auto focus function lets you accurately shoot in only 0.13 seconds. It's the perfect setting for capturing swift movements and changes in expression.

Photo Creativity (Includes 9 Picture Effect Modes
And Other Options)
Conveniently change the look of captured photos and movies

You need not be a photography expert to shoot creatively. The Photo Creativity interface which also includes 9 Picture Effect modes – Toy Camera, Partial Colour, Soft High-key, Pop Colour, HDR Painting, Rich-tone Monochrome, Miniature, Illustration and Watercolour Painting – allows you to transform ordinary images into artistic pictures easily and intuitively.

GPS, Compass And GPS Log REC Functions
Index your images by location and direction

Remember shooting situations better through the integrated GPS and compass-based logging function. This lets you record the location and direction of every shot you take. It even lets you view images on a map with computer and internet applications.

GPS Log Recording

3.0(7.62 Cms) "Xtra Fine" LCD
See your images in wide display

Review your images in wide 3.0" display. Through the advanced XtraFine LCD™ technology, you can appreciate your photos and videos better with brilliant colour and excellent quality.

LCD Screen

BIONZ Image Processor
BIONZ Image Processing Engine drastically reduces the picture noise level and achieves high accuracy in auto-focusing, exposure auto-correction and auto white balancing; creating more natural and vibrant images in different shooting environments.

Extra High Sensitivity Technology
Achieve clarity in dimly lit environments. With Extra High Sensitivity technology, you can take vivid and natural-looking pictures with remarkably low noise. This sophisticated technology is automatically activated when shooting in low light conditions and allows image recording at maximum resolution.

Built-In PlayMemories Home Software
This pre-installed software makes it easy to transfer your videos and images to a computer for viewing, editing, sending via email and uploading to the Internet.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

bsnl modem configuration guide

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Guide: BSNL Type 2 Modem Configuration and Initial Set Up

With the success of Laptops and Netbooks, the demand for wireless internet in India has also grown multi-folds. BSNL, India’s largest broadband service provider, offers its ADSL broadband connection with a Wi-Fi enabled modem for wireless internet access.

While BSNL offers 3 Wi-Fi enabled modems, it offers ADSL WiFi-2 type modem for personal internet access. This modem is also commonly known as Type 2 modem.

A Type 2 Modem essentially means ADSL model with Wi-Fi access.  It comes at a price of Rs 1800 or monthly rentals of Rs 80. BSNL offers many models in this range but chances are high the one you are using is DNA –A211-I model manufactured by ITI.  The following configuration guide is based on the above modem.

Step 1: Plug in modem’s electrical power and turn on the router.

Step 2: Connect your modem to a computer using network cable.

Step 3: Open a web browser, enter in the address bar and press enter.

Step 4: An authentication window will pop up. Fill the following details and click Ok.

User Name: admin

Password: admin

You are in the administration panel now.  Here is what it looks like. We have marked out the menus and sub menus.

Step 5: Click on Advanced Setup in the main menu. This will open up the sub menus under it. We need to edit the WAN settings, which is also the first option by default.

Click to Enlarge

Step 6: Click on Edit as shown in the image.

Step 7: In the ATM PVC Configuration Screen fill following values. Uncheck VLAN Tagging

VPI: 0

VCI: 35

Service Category: UBR without PCR

Click Next to move to next screen.

Click to Enlarge

Step 8: In the Connection Type, Select PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE).

In Encapsulation Mode, Select LLC/SNAP-BRIDGING.

Click Next to move to next screen.

Step 9: Enter your PPP username and password as provided by BSNL. Other details are

PPPoE Service Name: dataone

Authentication Method: AUTO

Check the box against Bridge PPPoE Frames Between WAN and Local Ports.

Click Next to move to next screen.

Click To Enlarge

Step 10: In the Enable IGMP Multicast and WAN Service, select the following values

Check box against WAN Service

Service Name: BSNL

Click Next to move to next screen.

Click To Enlarge

Step 11: In the WAN Setup – Summary Screen, Click on Save

Click To Enlarge

Step 12: Restart your Modem to finish the process.

Monday, July 9, 2012

The New Samsung Galaxy Beam Projector Phone

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Potent Mobile Beam Projector

The built-in projector of GALAXY Beam gives you the freedom to share-to really share - all kinds of contents with your friends virtually anywhere. Stunningly good definition with a gradated throw up to 2 meters away, you can adjust sizing as you wish, up to 50” large - as big as your TVs.

Ambience Mode & Visual Presenter

Ambience Mode allows you to customize your environments -- beaming up any image or video to decorate instantly and change the mood any time! Overhead projector mode magnifies your hard copy, even physical objects, to project what your camera captures to share with everyone. Carry the power of projection wherever you go.

Take a Video and Share It Instantly

Having a camera in your phone is no new news, but only GALAXY Beam allows you to use your camera to capture the best pictures and the funnies videos and share them with your friends instantly on a big surface! No worries about file incompatibility because the device is multi-codec-enabled for smooth and seamless projection every time.

Various Supplementaries for Beam Projector

Humungous battery capacity powers a whole range of full-session activities -- up to 3 hours of continuous performance -- to fully immerse yourself, uninterrupted, in feature-length movies, live streaming of performances, sports matches and continuous game-play. Abundant 8GB memory plus 32GB microSD lets you store away all your contents for easy retrieval any time.

More Effective Presentation Tool

Supporting multi-document formats, GALAXY Beam helps you to open any document without hassle and project to make the most impressive presentations. Optimized video services give you the best selection and options to rent, buy, stream and download video contents with K-pop Hub for all-in-one access to the latest K-pop songs and Video hub (with ICS upgrade) for various fun videos to enjoy together with your pals.

Powerful Smartphone Performance

Smart, super powerful CPU supports outstanding performance every time, it’ll leave you breathless for more. The most seamless applications and flawless multimedia with little to no lag time for ultra-smooth playback/projection and hyper-fast gaming -- even players with the quickest reflexes will be satisfied. Advanced HSPA+ networks with speeds of 14.4Mbps doubles the standard rate so you can get your content twice as fast. Enjoy blazingly fast downloads of even the largest files -- no need to wait, let’s start the show!

Youthful and Sleek Design

Hot style factor in highly desirable, durable design that is extremely portable with a unique edge. Backed with soft rubberized grip, users can comfortably hold the device when projecting. Too-cool-for-school yellow racer-strip accent perfectly expresses your individual style -- lets everyone know it’s no ordinary smartphone! Large 4” display provides maximum comfort and readability for all of your contents and applications with superb visuals -- everything from sharper graphics to multimedia so brilliant and vivid you can’t wait to share. For all the cutting edge features packed into GALAXY Beam, the 12.55mm body is so?awesomely?thin -- you’d never guess you had a projector on hand!