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Onida 32 Diamond KYRock Full HD TV

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1000 Watts: Experience the thrill of 1000 Watts of sound output that will enhance your LCD viewing experience and take it to the next level with unmatched sound quality.

Experience the unparallel picture quality with 32 Diamond LCD. With resolution six times more than SD TV, will be now made by 2 mega pixels in FHD.

USB drive to watch movies without any add ons! And to add on experience the visual delight of Diamond LCD.

Rage RX 301 Mobile

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RX 301

Key Features :-

Full Qwerty Keypad

Analog T.V

Msn, Twitter, Facebook


Dual Sim, Dual Standby

Answering Machine

Audio Video Player

Auto Call Recording

Nikon DSLR D3S with FX-format CMOS image sensor

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  • ISO performance: ISO 12800 as standard, expandable to ISO equivalent of 102400 (Hi 3)
  • Large pixel pitch: the 12.1-megapixel FX-format advantage
  • New and improved D-Movie function
  • Image sensor cleaning: assured protection
  • EXPEED: Nikon’s comprehensive approach to quality digital images
  • Lateral chromatic aberration reduction: edge-to-edge sharpness
  • Active D-Lighting: rescuing tone in highlights and shadows
  • Picture Control: custom-tailored tone and color
  • Speed and readiness throughout the workflow
  • 9-frames-per-second* shooting rate in FX-format, 11 fps* in DX crop
  • Scene Recognition System: enlightened accuracy and intelligence
  • 51-point AF: fast and accurate subject acquisition
  • Sophisticated AE with highlight analysis
  • Informed auto white balance
  • Approx. 100% frame coverage
  • Superior durability
  • Twin CF card slots
  • Long-life battery
  • Easy-to-access Live View mode
  • Quiet Shutter-release mode for nonintrusive shooting
  • 3-in., approx. 921k-dot color, 170ยบ viewing angle LCD monitor
    Newly added image area of 1.2x crop (30 x 20) format with approx. 8.4 megapixels.
    Multiple exposure operation that can be repeated by designating the function to the bracketing button.
    Electronic virtual horizon that is available in Live View shooting.
    Extended menu banks that stores up to four combinations of exposure mode, shutter speed and aperture value.
    Versatile in-camera Retouch Menus, including RAW processing to enhance your images without using a computer.
    Compatible with HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) output. Type C connector (mini size) is employed.
    With the optional GPS Unit GP-1, location information such as latitude, longitude, altitude and time are automatically recorded to each image’s EXIF data. The Time Adjustment feature, which adjusts your camera’s time zone, is also available using the GP-1. Especially useful for group assignments that require several D3S cameras to be synchronized.
    Exclusive Nikon Software —
    Nikon Transfer and ViewNX software packages (supplied) for a range of basic photo browsing and editing operations
    Capture NX 2, Camera Control Pro 2, & Image Authentication Software (all optional) enable more advanced operation and image editing.

  • MRP Rs. 289,950/-

KODAK EASYSHARE 12Mp M530 Digital Camera(New)

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KODAK EASYSHARE M530 Digital Camera / black-red

Picture this—you’re letting loose at a trendy hot spot with friends, snapping pictures so amazing you’ll want to share them online as soon as you get home. Any other camera would slow you down with tags, sorts, and uploads. But not the new KODAK EASYSHARE M530 Digital Camera. Kodak’s Share button allows you to tag pictures directly from your camera for e-mailing, or uploading to YouTube, FACEBOOK, FLICKR and KODAK Gallery sites, plus e-mail too. The real Kodak Moment happens when you share.

Sharing your life just got simpler

With the Share button and Kodak's Share button app, sharing your pictures is amazingly simple.

One-button upload—turn moments into memories
  • Snap your picture
  • Press the Share button and tag it to YouTube, FACEBOOK, FLICKR and KODAK Gallery sites, plus e-mail too
  • Connect your camera to your computer, and with Kodak’s Share button app, your pictures are automatically uploaded
  • Your pictures and videos are automatically transferred to your computer

Capture stunning pictures

3X optical zoom

The 3X optical zoom lens zooms in close for extraordinary details on faraway shots

Blur reduction
  • Reduce blur caused by subject movement or fast-action situations
  • The camera automatically minimizes the effects of camera shake to deliver clearer, sharper pictures
Amazing quality prints with 12 megapixels
  • 12 MP means you can make stunning prints up to 30 × 40 in.
  • More megapixels means you can crop and enlarge and still have great picture quality
  • However you choose to print—at home, at retail, or online—trust Kodak for picture quality that’s truly exceptional and for memories that will last

Your personality. Your style.

Your style reflects your personality. Now your camera can too. Express your true self with the sleek, stylish KODAK EASYSHARE M530 Digital Camera.

  • More than a camera—it’s an attention-grabbing accessory
  • Trendy, stylish, compact design
  • Choose from a variety of fashionable colors

Beautiful pictures, more often—automatically

Kodak's Smart Capture feature

Become a better photographer with a smarter camera. Kodak’s innovativeSmart Capture feature automatically identifies the scene and adjusts camera settings for a great picture in just about any environment.

  • Intelligent scene detection—detects and analyzes scene conditions
  • Intelligent capture control—automatically sets camera settings including exposure, focus and ISO for clear, sharp pictures even in low light and challenging situations
  • Intelligent image processing—reduces noise and clears up dark shadows for vibrant, crisp details and true-to-life colors
  • Experience Smart Capture

Losing track of your favorite faces is a thing of the past

Kodak’s Face Recognition feature
  • Find, organize, and share your pictures easily
  • Camera automatically recognizes up to 20 pre-tagged faces so you can easily locate and share them later
  • Recognizes up to five faces in a single image
  • Name tags carry over to your favorite photo management software for easy searching
Relive moments and share pictures on the back of your camera

The 2.7 in. bright LCD features KODAK Color Science Technology for brighter, more vibrant details.

Don’t miss a shot with Li-Ion rechargeable batteries

  • Get energy that lasts with the power of the included Li-Ion rechargeable battery and in-camera charging
  • Smaller, lighter battery with higher voltage and energy capacity


The complete solution for transferring, online sharing, e-mailing, organizing, editing, and creative printing of your pictures.

  • Organize your pictures with your own tags, star ratings, and date and time stamps, then use the search feature to quickly find any picture in your collection
  • Edit your pictures with ease—select from a variety of simple tools that reduce red-eye, improve lighting, remove wrinkles and blemishes, and add text
  • Create photo projects online or at home—choose from hundreds of templates and designs to create album pages, cards, invitations and much more
  • Manually upload to YouTube, FACEBOOK, FLICKR and KODAK Gallery sites, plus e-mail too

True HD quality: capture stunning pictures

HD picture capture

Take stunning HD pictures and view in high definition on an HDTV or other HD devices

KODAK Theatre HD Player (optional device)

For too long we have been turning on the television and simply watching what they send us. But now, the KODAK Theatre HD Player is changing how we see HDTV—by changing what we can see on it.

  • Enjoy your new pictures and videos on your HDTV instantly, right from your camera’s memory card
  • Access pictures from your PC, camera, and online photo sharing sites, wirelessly
  • Wirelessly send and receive pictures with Kodak’s Picture Mail feature
  • Create slideshows to your favorite songs
  • Experience YouTube like never before—videos are brilliantly displayed on your HDTV
  • Access Internet radio, podcasts and other web content on your HDTV

Taking great pictures is just the beginning

Great technologies let you start shooting right away. And with on-camera features, taking the picture is just the beginning.

High ISO mode

See the details in low-light conditions and fast-action situations with high ISO (up to 1600).

Scene modes and on-camera picture enhancing features
  • Get the right shot—manually select from the multiple scene and color modes
  • Create your perfect shot with cropping, auto picture rotation, and undo-delete
  • Panorama stitch mode combines up to three shots into one large picture
KODAK PERFECT TOUCH Technology in manual mode
  • Make your pictures as vivid as the moment you took them
  • Relive your memories in richer detail
  • Clear up dark shadows and reveal better, brighter pictures
Multimedia slideshow
  • Turn your pictures into a creative multimedia slideshow right on your camera
  • Set the mood when you choose from pre-loaded sound themes and creative transitions
Shoot video with ease
  • Record continuous VGA video (640 × 480) at 30 fps
  • Video print options include 1- and 9-up prints
  • QUICKTIME Motion jpeg with audio recording during capture and playback
Internal memory plus
  • Don’t miss a shot if your memory card becomes full—switch to in-camera memory quickly, thanks to the internal memory plus feature
  • 32 MB internal memory[1]and SD/SDHC card compatibility lets you start shooting right out of the box

Ready to go—right out of the box

  • KODAK EASYSHARE M530 Digital Camera
  • KODAK Rechargeable Li-ion Battery KLIC-7006
  • KODAK USB AC adapter for in-camera charging
  • Wrist strap
  • USB cable
  • User Guide

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Creative Vado Pocket Video Cam HD (3rd Gen)

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Capture life in HD

Your baby's first steps. The family pet scampering in the garden.

Capture life's beautifully candid moments with the Vado HD (3rd Gen) - the latest model in the award-winning Vado series of pocket video cameras! One light touch on the touch-sensitive buttons and you can start recording instantly in high-definition quality. Lightweight and extremely compact, enjoy up to 120 minutes of widescreen HD quality video on the move. Don't cramp your style with additional camera equipment as the Vado HD (3rd Gen) comes equipped with a photo feature that lets you shoot up to 7,000 of widescreen still shots.


The video enthusiast in you will be thrilled at how much more you can achieve with the multi-function jack and the improved Vado Central 3.0 software. With the multi-function port, you can connect a handy microphone to the Vado HD (3rd Gen) for better audio recording and come playback time, simply plug in your own headphones to listen to the videos at a desired volume level. Sporting a built-in flexible USB arm that connects easily to your computer or laptop, the Vado HD


(3rd Gen) lets you view and edit your videos or pictures before posting them onto popular social media sites with the bundled Vado Central 3.0 software. Sharing your happy times with others truly does not come easier than this!

Cutting-edge design, high-quality video and simple ease of use in one small attractive package. The Vado HD (3rd Gen) is available in stylish black and immaculate white - get yours today.

Vado HD (3rd Gen)

Pint-sized dynamo

Power-packed with features such as touch-sensitive buttons, 2x digital zoom, manual exposure adjustments, and motion detection, the Vado HD (3rd Gen) is a must-have for those capturing action on the go.

One-touch button to record

One click to instant gratification

With the handy Vado HD (3rd Gen), you won't have to worry about missing any important action again. Record impromptu moments instantly with the one-click recording button and at a quick switch, change to photo mode to capture picture-perfect stills!

HD video quality

Significant moments in high-definition quality

Enjoy 2 hours of HD quality footage at a video resolution of up to 1280x720p. Alternatively, you can snap up to 7,000 picture-perfect still photos of your favorite camera subject.

Multi-function jack

Multiple connectivity options

The Vado HD (3rd Gen) is equipped with a multi-function port that gives you the flexibility to do more with your pocket camcorder. Plug in a stereo microphone for enhanced audio recording - an especially handy feature in news reporting, concert filming and more. You can also connect your headphones for private listening to your footage or output videos on non-HDMI displays via an analog AV cable.

Playback on HDTV

Watch it on the big screen

Connect your Vado HD (3rd Gen) to a HDTV via a HDMI cable to enjoy big screen viewing and your videos in 720p HD quality. No need to hit the cinemas for the best theatre experience.

Wide-angle lens

Wider scenes, more action

Capture wider scenes and more action in your videos and photos with the wide-angle lens. You can also get a close-up of the action with the 2x digital zoom feature.

Built-in USB connector

Built-in flexible USB connector

Charge your pocket video camera easily via the built-in USB connector. It also helps you in posting your videos and pictures onto YouTube, Photobucket or with the built-in Vado Central 3.0 software. Absolutely no need for any additional cables!

Vado Central software

Vado Central 3.0

Enhance your Vado experience with the Vado Central 3.0! The software allows you to playback, edit and take snapshots of your video easily! What's more, you can now upload your favorite Vado videos to popular social media and video-sharing sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and KinKast in one simple step!

Creative GigaWorks T3 2.1 speaker system

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Defining audio precision in style

The GigaWorks T3 takes audio enjoyment to a whole new level, with the integration of innovative design, premium components and state-of-the-art technologies. This premium 2.1 speaker setup combines a perfect blend of quality and elegance to deliver precise hi-fi quality audio like no other.

With its minimalist design, it is the perfect addition to your desktop, living room or bedroom. Designed for discerning audio enthusiasts, the GigaWorks T3 is ideal for high-quality music, gaming or movies - a true top performer for all your multimedia entertainment audio needs.

GigaWorks T3 in various lifestyle scenarios

Compact and stylish satellite speakers
Compact and stylish satellite speakers
The 2” full-range audiophile grade driver in each satellite delivers full mid-range and clear highs. The small footprint also means that your desktop or living room would be neat and clutter-free.

Compact yet powerful subwoofer
Powerful subwoofer without the bulk
Featuring Creative SLAM™ (Symmetrically Loaded Acoustic Module) technology, the compact subwoofer delivers a thunderous output, with three drivers in a portless, enclosed casing. You can even adjust the bass level easily.

Convenient wired remote control
Wired remote control
The wired remote incorporates a low friction precision volume dial that doubles as a power/standby switch while the AUX-in and headphone-out ports make it easy to connect to external devices or headphones for private listening. With the eco-friendly Low Standby Power technology (patent pending), a negligible amount of power is consumed in standby mode, as compared to other speaker systems.

GigaWorks T3
Big sound from a small package
Be amazed by the powerful audio that comes from this compact system. Experience big sound in your music, games and movies today!

Samsung ST5000 14.2 Mp Camera

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Designed with the modern user in mind, the ST5000 fits your lifestyle and the palm of your hand. And it comes
packed with enough innovative features and performance perks to satisfy all of your compact camera needs.

Factor in its 14.2 megapixel quality and its 7x optical zoom power Schneider KREUZNACH lens and 19.6mm
thick design, and you're secure in the knowledge that it can capture all the moments that life throws your way.
And with a vivid 8.89cm (3.5) TFT Touch LCD, preserving any moment in a photograph or HD video is as easy as it is
brilliant. With the ST5000 in hand, any day can turn into a special memory.

Iconic looks. Innovative performance.

The ST5000's design is the sum of amazingly useful yet stunningly stylish innovations
that make it stand out from the crowd. Innovations like the Slanted Shutter, designed to
comfortably fit your finger, or the handsome oversized lens that lets you aim in style.
The ST5000's body is accented by fluid, hydro-formed lines. And its
self-standing Posture 7° physique makes taking those tricky
self-portraits a snap.

When it comes to brightness, it's brilliant.

When you're looking at brilliant 1,152K high-resolution images through a 8.89cm (3.5) TFT
Touch LCD, you know your photos are going to be something special. Its 14.2
megapixels of robust clarity deliver details you'd never thought you'd
be able to capture. And with its 7x optical zoom power
Schneider KREUZNACH lens and 19.6mm thick design,
which is impressively thin when you consider the
power it packs, your shot-taking skills are
immediately and undeniably enhanced.
It was engineered to help you get more
out of life.

HD movies in the palm of your hand

Imagine having HD video recording capabilities in a camera that fits in the palm of your
hand. One that delivers impressive 720p HD quality video at 30 frames per second. With
the H.264 format that offers recording time 2 times longer than MPEG-4 and 4 times longer
than MJPEG video. And this camera lets you get creative – just use one of its many cool
effects, such as sketch mode. Then hook it up to any HDTV or HD monitor with an HDMI
and you're ready to share all the HD action.

Cool effects make every photo unique

Samsung's Smart Filter, lens effect, delivers an artistic edge to your still shots and
videos. The Miniature filter gives your subjects a miniaturised look, the Vignetting filter
delivers a strikingly strong compositional contrast, and our Fish-eye filter gives your
video that cool distorted feel. So get creative and get Samsung.

The simple way to go pro

Turn any moment into a perfect memory. And a professionallooking photo.Whether it's
a few friends from last night's party or the moon reflectingoff the lake, Smart Auto 2.0
(Still & Movie)
instantly analyses key elements of your composition then auto matically
adjusts to capture the perfect shot with multitude of different photo modes and movie
modes. And since life isn't a still life, the camera's object tracking feature captures
those subjects that just don't, or won't, stand still.

Shake, rattle or stroll

Even the tiniest shake can ruin your shot. Dual Image Stabilisation solves that. Samsung has combined the revolutionary technology of their ultimate Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) mechanism with the advanced algorithms of Digital Image Stabilisation (DIS). Giving you sharp images no matter the condition. Whether it's low light, zooming or just a case of plain old shaky hands, your photos come out sharp and clear. So let your Sam- sung camera shake things up. In a good way.

Tilt it, gesture with it, and you'll control it

The Smart Gesture UI makes managing your photos a very moving experience. Its built-in acceleration sensor turns your gestures into commands. Just tilt it to one side or the other to scroll through your photos — without even pressing a button! Don't like how a photo came out? Just draw an "X" on the screen or rotate it and – poof! – it's deleted. Easily change modes and create slideshows simply and button-free.

Smart Face Recognition

Built with Samsung's innovative Smart Face Recognition technology, the ST5000 automatically adjusts the focus and exposure on up to 20 faces. Or, let the camera select the most photographed faces in your photo album to focus on. Smart Face Recognition also lets you quickly search for people in your album without having to go through every single photo. having to go through every single photo.

Smart Album

Smart Album automatically organises your photos by type, date, colour, week, and face so that you can find that one particular shot amongst 2,000. It does the looking for you. In fact, it can even do a face search!

Samsung HT-C450 Home Cinema System

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Samsung Home Cinema Systems open up new dimensions in sound. Their exquisitely balanced audio environments immerse you in rich, realistic textures that bring the magic of the movies into own home. With enhanced audio features that create deep, dynamic, multi-directional sound, they invite you experience pure sonic immersion.


The smart way to a perfect picture

 The smart way to a perfect picture

The last thing you want to do is spend time tweaking the settings trying to optimise the picture quality. Let Samsung’s BD Wise technology take care of that for you by automatically syncing all of your HDMI-connected Samsung components — delivering dazzling picture quality that brims with bold colours and sharp images.

Full HDMI 1080p

 Full HDMI 1080p

Because there are no prizes for second best, Samsung Home Theater System provide phenomenal Full HD 1080p picture quality that leaves you on the edge of your seat. Saturated with rich, natural colour and dynamic, lifelike detail, images are presented with precision that redefines reality.

Power Bass gives your system a big boost.

 Power Bass gives your system a big boost.

Your Samsung DVD Home Theatre System is designed to deliver a bigger, better bass sound. It doesn’t require any additional speakers; you can actually feel the bass sound grow more and more powerful on the same speaker system and with the same watt output.

CD Ripping

CD Ripping

Take your favourite tracks with you on your MP3 player. In minutes, you can convert your CDs to MP3s with the CD ripping feature. Extract audio tracks from your CDs simply by inserting your CD and pressing the ripping button.

Dolby Pro Logic II

Dolby Pro Logic II

Audio quality you can’t forget starts with Dolby Pro Logic II. Take your surround sound experience to the next level and hear every sound, every special effect that the director intended. With technology this innovative, you’ll enjoy an immersive, theatre-quality sound.

Anynet +

Anynet +

Anynet+ is an AV network system to automatically control Samsung audio-video (AV) device. There is no need to use different remote controls for different devices. With Anynet+ feature, all you need is one remote control for simple and convenient experience.

Divx Playback

Divx Playback

Spend more time watching movies and less time waiting for them to download. With Divx playback you’ll skip the lengthy conversion process. Just pop in DVDs and CDs with Divx movies and start watching them on your TV.