Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Motorola Devour with MOTOBLUR

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Do your messages, posts, pics and tweets with MOTOBLUR. It gathers them all directly onto DEVOUR’s customizable home screens, instantly and automatically. Organize them how you want, update them when you want, and access everything instantly on the 3.1” touch screen.




One touch away

Why open separate apps to see all your stuff? Your texts, emails and social network messages arrive together on MOTOBLUR’s unique Messages widget. All with your friends’ profile pics.


Feeds & Favorites, any way you like

Customize your home screen with your favorite MOTOBLUR widgets and short cuts to your favorite apps. With five screens at your finger tips, you can arrange it all with a tap, drag and drop.


You stream your music, why not friends?

MOTOBLUR’s unique Happenings widget combines your friends’ emails, status updates, photos and more, all right on your home screen. No logins, no apps.



Only MOTOBLUR has Facebook™, MySpace and Twitter synced together and build right in on your home screen. That means you can update your status to all of them at once, or one at a time, right then and there.


Whether you use Facebook™, MySpace, Twitter or all three, MOTOBLUR syncs all your messages, posts, pics, status updates and feeds directly to DEVOUR. That way, you aren’t wasting time opening multiple apps, you’re saving time better spent on socializing.




You stream music. Why not friends?

MOTOBLUR’s unique Happenings widget combines your friends’ tweets, status updates, photos and more, all right on your home screen. Tap in and flip through everyone’s latest news, post replies and open links in your phone’s true web browser.


Work the room

Go ahead, burn up the Web. MOTOBLUR is always there, a smart courier that gathers, sorts and sends everything from your social networks to your phone. It's like you never left the room.


Create. Share. Devour.

Grab your story with a 3-megapixel camera and video capture and playback. Then share it with the world on Facebook™, MySpace, Picasa, Photobucket and YouTube over a fast 3G or WiFi connection.


See more of everyone

MOTOBLUR continuously displays your friends’ latest profile pics as part of your texts, calls, emails and contact lists. Want to see more? Read through past messages or posts.



DEVOUR’s full-slider QWERTY with spacious soft-touch keys allows you to send messages with lightning fast accuracy. Click on the Messages widget and you’ll see all your texts, social networking messages and emails that MOTOBLUR has been faithfully gathering and organizing for you all in one place.




The mother of all mailboxes

Only MOTOBLUR delivers your texts, personal and work emails, and direct messages from your social sites together in one inbox. Want more focus? View each inbox separately.


Your new messages, one touch away

No more logins. Your new texts, emails and social network messages are together on MOTOBLUR’s unique Messages widget, right on your home screen. Fire off replies, sort by network source or dive deeper into the unified inbox.


A taste of Google

Enjoy preloaded applications like Gmail™ and Google Talk™. And with an enhanced processor, you can send messages faster to stay ahead of the story.


Visual Voice Mail

View callers and voice mail information, listen to messages in any order, or delete without having to dial into your mailbox. Need more information? Listen to voice instructions or prior messages.

Sun Direct HD India’s First Hi-Definition Tv Service

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Aviary sundirect-in Picture 1

Sun Direct HD is our best TV viewing experience with up to 5 times more detail, incredibly vibrant colors, and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. The Sun Direct HD pack will give you cutting edge hi-definition entertainment currently available with more intense viewing experience in the offering. ( High Quality Image)

Sun Direct HD
Seeing every detail – It offers up to 5 times more detail than other normal services which ensures that you are not missing even the minutest of detail ( Image – Dissected into Normal Viewing and Hi Definition Viewing)

Sun Direct HD
Vibrant Colors – It offers you vibrant colors and sharper images which thrills you with intense experience (Normal Image viewing and Hi Definition Image Viewing)

Sun Direct 
Dolby Surround Sound Experience – Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound with Sun Direct HD ensures that you will be experiencing the sound “ as real as it gets” taking you really there ( Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound Sample)


Sun Direct HD

Direct HD

Direct HD

Direct HD


For the curiosity in you we bring you the latest in nature and wildlife as real as it is on NGC HD.



Sun TV HD, now watch all the drama’s, movies, etc with sharper picture quality.



Now we have an intelligent and colorful twist to the HD experience, Colors HD, India’s most viewed General Entertainment Channel in Hindi language.

Colors HD


In additino, to keep you entertained we also have a regional movie service with the latest movie songs, trailrs and laugh-out-loud comedy shows.


Discovery HD

Direct HD

An HD LCD TV which is capable of showing the high definition content is required for enjoying the Sun Direct HD. All leading home appliance companies like Samsung, LG, Sony, Videocon etc manufacture HD LCD televisions.

Direct HD


HDTV has five times more pixels than the standards so the level of clarity and the sharpness of the images are much higher than the standard television. This essentially means the customer can look forward to more realistic television viewing, with hawk like attention the detail. Also ensure that it displays 1920X1080 pixels, which automatically ensures that you get the best picture available.

HDTV Cables

For that mind blowing HD experience, it is highly critical your HDTV system needs to be properly connected. That essentially means using the right HDTV cables to get that HD signals into the HDTV system. An HDMI cable is the simplest and best way to connect to your HD TV. Most HD TVs have an HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) connector which can be used to connect devices like your HD set-top box. HDMI offers crisp, clear all-digital video and analogue audio in a single cable

Sun Direct HD Set Top Box

The Sun Direct HD Set top box will ensure that your HD TV system is receiving over the air HD signals properly and the same will be displayed in the HD TV without any loss of the signals accompanied by crystal clear images and DVD quality sound.

Surround Sound

Since most of the HD content are recorded with cinema style surround sound, a proper sound set up will help you in achieving the theatre like sound effect in your home. This essentially means more bang for your precious money.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mi-338TV -TV dual sim phone - with big touch screen

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  • Mi-Model: Mi-338 - Mi-338TV
  • RF Band: GSM900/1800 - Dual Sim - Dual Standby
  • Processor: MTK-6225
  • Size (mm): 118 x 50 x 15
  • Weight (gm): 100
  • Talk time (hr): 3
  • Standby time (hr): 200
  • Battery (mAh): 800 - (Nokia 5C batt)
  • LCD: 2.4" / TFT colour - 240 x 320
  • Data: GRPS/WAP/MMS
  • Java: Option (extra cost)
  • Touch Screen: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Ring tone: 64 Midi / MP3
  • Camera: VGA
  • Multi-Media: MP3 / Video
  • FM Radio: Yes - (Antenna built-in)
  • Analogue TV: Option (extra cost)
  • Memory Card: Yes
  • Selling point: TV dual sim phone - with big touch screen

Availability: End January 2010 only

Friday, March 26, 2010

Kenwood eXcelon 2-DIN Multimedia DVD Receiver With Navigation & Bluetooth

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eXcelon 2-DIN Multimedia DVD Receiver With Navigation & Bluetooth

The DNX6960 is a Full Featured All-in-One Navigation/DVD Entertainment System Featuring:

6.1" Touchscreen with Customizable Start-up

Built-in Garmin Navigation

Eco Route

NAVTEQ Traffic Ready w/ KNA-NT100

High Speed Access to iPhone/iPod Audio and Video

Built-in Parrot Bluetooth for Hands-free Cell Phone Operation

3 5V Preamp Outputs

2 A/V Inputs (1 dedicated for iPod/iPhone use), 1A/V Ouptput, 1 Backup Camera Input

Multi Language Capability

New Remote Control

*Product descriptions, specifications and features are subject to change without notice. Some features may require the purchase of additional accessories. For proper fit, compatibility, and accessory information check with your authorized Kenwood dealer.


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LONG BEACH, CA (Car Entertainment) --  

Kenwood USA Corporation announces the initial retail delivery of its flagship multimedia/navigation DVD receiver, the DNX9960 ($2,000.00 suggested retail price). 

Specifically engineered and manufactured exclusively for the Kenwood Excelon retailer network, the DNX9960 offers more enhancements over last year’s top-of-the-line model, including advanced 3-D navigation technology by Garmin which offers three-dimensional buildings and landmarks with many images being photo-realistic. Lane Assist with Junction View is a new feature designed to reduce highway interchange confusion and improve driving safety. The DNX9960 also includes built-in NAVTEQ Live Traffic service that is free for the life of the product.

For maximizing fuel efficiency while driving, the DNX9960 offers the Garmin-developed EcoRoute feature that measures the impact of your driving habits on the environment and suggests routes that will provide the most efficient fuel consumption. Kenwood’s voice control feature allows the user to fully operate the navigation system and utilize features such as entering addresses or phone numbers, choosing menu options and select points of interest. The voice control system will also operate the audio and video systems, allowing the user to change between multiple sources, raise and lower volume, seek out music and video files and access station presets. In addition, the DNX9960 can decode MPEG4 and H.264 video files from an external USB drive.

The DNX9960 has an advanced 3-D animated graphic user interface (GUI) with selectable skins and movable, drag-and-drop icons for complete customization. A high-resolution WVGA 6.95” touchscreen with Dynamic Luminance Control provides the best looking DVD video, iPod video, USB video, navigation maps and source icons.  The latest Parrot Bluetooth module is built into the DNX9960 and is compatible with almost all cellular telephones on the market.

The DNX9960 comes with a two-year warranty and are available only through authorized Kenwood Excelon retailers.

Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro with One-touch HD video

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One-touch HD video with continuous auto focus. Slide-out QWERTY keyboard for easy messaging. Shoot. Show. Share.


HD video at a touch

How's life? Shoot it and publish it online in seconds. One press on the dedicated video key and you're ready to publish life where you are to the world.

Say it in words

Got a story to tell? You have a keyboard made for fast words and fun messages. Tell your story in as many words as you want.

Work and play

Wherever you are, you have every aspect of your life with you. Read and send email. Surf and share. Stay connected and enjoy life.

pro Features

YouTube™ compatible

YouTube™ compatible

Watch your favourite clips over and over again. And when that funny moment you just caught on video deserves a wider audience, upload it for all to see. Your phone is fully YouTube™ compatible.

Touch UI

Touch UI

The touch user interface makes navigation truly intuitive - whether you're browsing the media menu, adjusting your camera settings or playing music.

Find the way - aGPS

Find the way - aGPS

You'll never get lost again. Your phone has built-in aGPS. Location-based services like Google Maps™ and Wayfinder help you find the way to your destination. Or add location info to your images - use the geo-tagging function.

Face detection

Face detection

Want the people in your photos to come out sharp and clear? With the Face detection function activated, the camera automatically finds - and focuses on - the face in your viewfinder.

Use your headphones

Use your headphones

Got a favourite pair of headphones? Connect them to your Vivaz™ pro through the 3.5 mm audio jack.

Comes with Facebook

Comes with Facebook

With Facebook integrated, your Vivaz™ pro makes it easy to stay social. You have your friends' status updates on your phone screen. And when you snap a photo, you can upload it straight to your Facebook page.

Anything on TV tonight?

Anything on TV tonight?

Your holiday snaps. The video from last weekend's birthday bash. Connect via TV out and voila - that big old screen in your living room just got interesting.

Drag, drop, enjoy - Media Go™

Drag, drop, enjoy - Media Go™

The perfect entertainment organiser - Media Go™ makes it easier than ever before to bring your media with you, wherever you go. Transfer your media files between your phone and PC via drag and drop. File conversion is hassle-free, too: Media Go™ automatically converts films and music files to give you the best possible quality.

Just tap your screen

Just tap your screen

Instant access to music, games and applications: just tap your screen and choose. The PlayNow™ service brings you unlimited entertainment - at the fastest possible speed with turbo 3G or Wi-Fi™.

Accelerometer - auto-rotate

Accelerometer - auto-rotate

Enjoy your pictures in portrait or landscape mode. To move between modes, simply rotate the phone and the picture follows.

In sync - Push email with ActiveSync™

In sync - Push email with ActiveSync™

Your phone keeps you in touch and in sync. Emails, Contacts and Calendar, fast and flexible synchronization according to your needs with Microsoft® Exchange ActiveSync™.

Empowered by QWERTY

Empowered by QWERTY

Prefer typing the keyboard way? With full QWERTY, your phone lets you handle your messaging the easy way.

Transfer old phonebook to your new phone

Transfer old phonebook to your new phone

By setting up your old phone to sync with Sony Ericsson, you can transfer Contacts, Calendar, Notes and Bookmarks from your old phone to your new one. (It works even if your old phone is of another make.) Sony Ericsson Sync also makes it possible for you to access and manage up to date information in your mobile phone from the Internet - anytime, anywhere with Sony Ericsson Sync.