Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The New HTC Incredible S

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A standout cinematic experience

The HTC Incredible S brings everything you view to life on a stunning 4" Super LCD screen. So you can browse the web in style, admire your photo gallery, or lose yourself in a video viewing experience. And when you really want to immerse yourself in a movie, plug in your headset and enjoy virtual surround sound via SRS WOW HD™.

A standout cinematic experience

Lights, camera, action.

Lights, camera, action.

This is your all-in-one 8MP camera and high definition video recorder that will capture and replay every one of your experiences in crystal clear clarity.

HTC Sense

HTC Sense is an experience designed around many little insightful ideas. Ideas that seem so simple, you think “why hasn’t any one else thought of that? It just makes sense.” It’s a phone experience full of lots of little surprises, delighting you every time.
  • Weather and Clock

    You travel and the weather and clock update automatically.

  • People-centric Communication

    All your calls, messages and updates are organized by people, not by applications.

  • Customizable Homescreen

    Add everything that is important to you to your homescreen.

  • Easy Reading and Browsing

    Zoom in on a webpage and the text changes size and reflows automatically to make it easier to read.

  • Feed Your Brain

    Ever been curious about something you read? A simple tap and hold lets you search any word or phrase selection in Wikipedia, Google, YouTube or the dictionary.

  • No More Awkward Moments

    Ever fumbled with your phone because it went off at full-blast during a meeting? Well, don’t worry! Now as soon as you lift your phone up to see who’s calling, the ringer volume gets lower. Want it silenced completely? Just flip it over.

  • Maps That Never Keep You Waiting

    Experience zero-wait when zipping and zooming around your maps. Now that the maps are loaded right on your phone, you don’t have to wait… and wait… and wait...

  • Maps Good. Maps Plus Compass… Better

    Never scratch your head wondering which way to turn! With Locations – the map integrates with the compass so it always points you in the direction you need to go – instant orientation.

  • Never Miss a Turn – Because of a Call

    Don’t worry about missing the next turn when a call comes in. Your map stays on screen while a call bar gently slides its way into view.

  • Satisfy Your Urge to Peek Ahead

    Stopped at a red light? Now you can take a virtual helicopter tour of the rest of your trip while you wait for the light to change.

  • Web, the way you want it
    Web, the way you want it

    The HTC Incredible S has a super fast 1GHz processor, taking you online in seconds. When you're there, you control how you view the page with a clever zoom in/zoom out function that'll even reflow the text to perfectly fit your screen. And if something sparks your curiosity, simply highlight the text and quickly look it up on Wikipedia, YouTube or the dictionary.

  • Big becomes bigger
    Big becomes bigger

    Of course you'll have photos and videos to share with your friends, so impress them when you wirelessly stream what's on your HTC Incredible S direct to the TV via DLNA.

  • Maps that never keep you waiting
    Maps that never keep you waiting

    Maps are stored on your HTC Incredible S so you can access them instantly – with zero wait time and zero data roaming fees. Pan left, right, up or down, the details display straight away. And there's more - the maps are integrated with a compass so they always point you in the right direction.

  • A library in your pocket
    A library in your pocket

    It's easy to travel light with the HTC Incredible S, because one of its handy traits is an in-built library of great books. So wherever you are, you can flick through some of the preloaded classics, or you can browse and download more books right from your phone.

  • All your email accounts in one inbox
    All your email accounts in one inbox

    If you juggle more than one email account, the HTC Incredible S will merge them together so you never miss a thing. They're color coded so you know what's what, and you can sort them by importance, groups or content. It's one easy access point for all your incoming and outgoing mail.

  • Intelligent design, down to the buttons
    Intelligent design, down to the buttons

    With the HTC Incredible S, all the details have been polished and fine tuned. While other phones support auto landscape rotation for wide screen viewing experience, the HTC Incredible S even rotates the buttons on your phone for easier navigation.

The New Xperia™ neo HD smartphone

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The Xperia™ neo smartphone is powered by Sony multimedia technology. It's great to look at. Even better to hold. And when you want more, there's the whole world of Android™. On the smart Xperia™ neo touch phone.

Touch phone

A touch phone for great pics

Snap superb pictures in the sunset. Shoot sharp scenes in low light. The Xperia™ neo touch phone comes with an 8.1 megapixel camera and Sony's award-winning Exmor™ R for mobile image sensor.

HD touchphone

Xperia™ neo - a sharp and bright smartphone

Take the brightest photos. Create shining movie epics. Show it all on your Xperia™ neo smartphone. With the multi-touch Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA® Engine, you see colours and contrasts in a whole new light.


Smartphone goes videophone

Time for your big screen premiere? View videos and photos on your HD TV. Just connect via the built-in HDMI connector. Browse your files using your TV's remote. So if there's nothing on TV tonight, no worries - use your smartphone. It doubles as a videophone. (TV must be CEC compatible)


On your TV. With HDMI

Showtime. On a big screen. Connect your Xperia™ neo to your HD TV using the built-in HDMI connector. Use your TV's remote to browse photos and videos. Or browse the web and check out the flavour of the day on YouTube. And if gaming's your passion, download what's hot from the games charts. All on your TV.
(TV must be CEC compatible. Remote function only works for videos and photos, not for games or web browsing.)

Getting dark?

Dusk, dawn or just a crummy old light bulb? Sony's Exmor R™ for mobile CMOS sensor lets you capture high-quality, bright pictures and videos in poor light conditions

Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA® Engine

Enhanced contrast. Richer colours. The Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA® Engine makes the 3.7" screen sharp and crisp.

Unique design

Ergonomics is not just about adjustable seats and foot rests. Ergonomic products can also come with a glossy finish and beautiful, curving lines. The Xperia™ neo is living proof.

You choose - Android Market™

Going out? Finding out? Or perhaps just chilling out? Download any application you want from Android Market™ and customise your Xperia™ neo to make it exclusively yours.

Front-facing camera

Your Xperia™ neo is video chat ready - it has a front-facing VGA quality camera. Makes it perfect for self-portrait pictures, too.

Powered by Android (Gingerbread)

Rich multimedia. Gaming power. Your Xperia™ neo is powered by Android (Gingerbread).

Get more efficient - use Google Mobile Services

For efficiency, try Google Mobile Services. Fix the date on Google calendar. Send your love by Gmail. Find friends - or your way - using Google maps.

Camera power

Ready for some hard facts? Try 8.1 megapixels. Or maximum aperture of f/2.4 (in short, this means that more light reaches the image sensor). Your Xperia™ neo has the camera muscles you need to get great shots.

Your life in brilliant HD

Clips from your summer holidays. Your little baby daughter’s first smile. Shoot it. In brilliant, sharp HD video with one touch of a button.

Wi-Fi connect

Connect the quick and easy way. On the move. In caf├ęs. At the airport. Your Xperia™ neo has Wi-Fi support.

FM Radio

There's music in the air - just tune in and enjoy. Your phone has a built-in stereo FM radio.

Timescape™ - meet your mates

Sony Ericsson Timescape™ lets all your communication with a person come together in one place. Facebook™ posts, calls, text messages - all gathered, so you don't have to open loads of different apps to see what's going on.

GreenHeart™ - we do it because we care.

We are always thinking about how our decisions impact the environment. That’s in everything we do. From planning and production to shipping and recycling.
GreenHeart™. Our commitment to making the biggest possible sustainable impact. Driven by green innovation. Never compromising. On quality. On design. On features.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The New Spice Flo M-5700

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Flo is not a phone. It’s an effortless experience of interacting and communicating with your world. Enjoy the smoothest touch phone packed with futuristic features. Let all the fun flow between you and your friends.


Wide Screen
A 7cm QVGA screen doesn’t only make it easy to navigate and operate the Flo, it makes the whole experience larger than life.
1.3 MP Camera with Video Recording
Just touch to click and capture your friends forever!
MP3, FM with Recording
Play, listen and share music. Keep what you like just by touching it!
Social Network and Instant Messaging
Now just touch your phone to keep in touch with all that you love! Arrive in the scene with a bang. Enjoy Facebook, Flicker, Twitter, Yahoo!, Numbuzz and Snaptu all through the day.
Expandable Memory
Extend your touch phone’s capabilities with expandable memory! Get more out of life.
Stereo Bluetooth
Listen to the songs like you listen to your heart, wirefree! Share images, music, & videos with your friends.
Java support makes it all the more interesting and doesn’t let you feel left-out on anything at all!

Monday, March 14, 2011

The New KODAK Mini HD Video Camera

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Mini HD Video Camera front view

Did that just happen? Some moments in life need an instant replay button. With the KODAK Mini HD Video Camera you’ve got one with you wherever you go. This itty-bitty video camera easily slides into a pocket—even your skinny jeans. With one touch, the Mini HD captures all the highlights in 720p HD video, and the pop-out USB arm makes it seriously simple to share the fun on FACEBOOK and YouTube sites. Plus, it’s built to withstand your craziest days—from a fumble in the rain, to a trip to the bottom of your bag. The Mini HD is ready when you are—so the next time you hear, “Did that just happen?” you can show the instant replay. The real KODAK MOMENT happens when you share.

Itty-bitty size. Big video fun—in HD.

  • Take 720p HD video just about anywhere and everywhere
  • The size of a credit card and about as thin as a pencil, the Mini HD is lightweight and durable
  • The Mini HD’s sleek design lets you slip it into any pocket or purse

Capture your craziest days with no worries

  • Dive into the fun—its waterproof design helps protect it should things get a bit wet and wild—rain, snow, or even in the pool
  • Accidents happen, and luckily the Mini HD isn’t afraid of a little fall—it’s built to take it

Make a scene wherever you go

  • No cables to worry about, just pop out the USB arm to upload, share, and charge
  • Share on FACEBOOK and YouTube sites with ease—built-in software and USB arm make editing, uploading, and sending e-mail simple
  • Replay your videos instantly with the vivid, high-contrast 1.8 in. color LCD
  • See more details and accurate colors with enhanced low-light performance

Capable and compatible

  • Capture more moments thanks to the rechargeable Li-Polymer battery with in-camera charging
  • It doesn’t matter if you own a MAC or a PC—the KODAK Mini HD is compatible with both
  • There’s always room for more—record hours of video with the expandable card slot and included 2 GB MICROSD card

Be creative with great video software

  • Built-in video editing software is downloadable right from the camera
  • Cut and trim videos
  • Transform video frames into amazing photos
  • Add effects to your movies (black-and-white, sepia, old movie, fisheye, exposure, sketch, sharpen, negative, water color, and mute audio)

Do more and get connected

Learn about taking great video, how to get the most out of your video camera, its features and get inspired to create your own.

  • Forums
  • How-to's
  • Contests and more

What's in the box

  • KODAK Mini HD Video Camera
  • 2 GB MICROSD Memory Card
  • User Guide
  • ARCSOFT MEDIA IMPRESSION SE Software for Kodak (stored in camera memory, for PC only)

Samsung RV511 notebook With a powerful NVIDIA GeForce 315M graphics card

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If you want practical usability and reliable performance at an affordable price then the Samsung RV511 notebook has it all – and more. Its stylish design, incorporating an ergonomic Island keyboard, looks like a top of the range model. With a powerful NVIDIA GeForce 315M graphics card its 39.62cm (15.6) HD LED display produces the sharpest images and boldest colours, with the most accurate widescreen representation of movies and games. The addition of genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium* means everyday tasks are much simpler, and its unique Fast Start technology also lets you wake your notebook from sleep mode within seconds of opening the lid or pressing the power button. And with Samsung’s PhoneShare you can even connect to the Internet using your smartphone – so you can browse, socialize or send e-mails wherever you are.

Designed for great value

Designed for great value

As affordable as it is powerful, the ultra-stylish RV511 delivers true value, combining cool features with a distinctive design. Its haptic-enhanced ergonomic capabilities make using the RV511 both enjoyable and productive, while the solid white back, the eye-catching black diamond pattern or the stunning silver gradation with pattern makes sure you always stand out from the crowd. It’s exactly what you’re looking for – high-end design and high performance innovation, giving you more for less.

Crafted for style and safety

Crafted for style and safety

Because a life on the go can often trip you up, the Samsung RV511 was crafted to not let you down. In fact, its high quality craftsmanship extends as much to its exterior as to its high performance inner workings. Built to withstand bumps and knocks, the RV511 comes with a robust, durable casing designed to keep its contents safe and sound as well as reduce the risk of scratches and fingerprints. And its ergonomic, stylish design makes it as coolly eye-catching as it is reliable.

Get online almost anywhere

 Get online almost anywhere

The RV511 incorporates advanced communications technologies, including 802.11bgn wireless, to provide high-speed access to the Internet and your data anytime and anywhere.
*Factory option

Samsung Recovery Solution

Samsung Recovery Solution

Peace of mind is here in the form of Samsung’s Recovery Solution. It automatically and regularly backs up your PC data to the hard drive. So you can quit worrying and quit manually backing up your files.