Monday, April 30, 2012

Sony DSC-H90/B-16.1 Mega Pixel H Series 16x Optical Zoom Cyber-shot (Black)

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DSC-H90/B-Digital Still Camera-H Series

A compact high-zoom camera, the 16.1 megapixels Cyber-shot H90 boasts a Super HAD CCD sensor, which works with Sony’s BIONZ imaging processor to deliver superior image quality. Its 360° Sweep Panorama and Picture Effect modes give you even more room to express your creativity.

  • 16.1 Megapixels
  • 16x Optical Zoom
  • 4 Picture Effect modes
  • 29.8mm Wide Angle Sony G Lens
  • 360 Degrees Sweep Panorama
  • Intelligent Auto Mode

Friday, April 13, 2012

The New samsung Purista AS185BBH 1.5 TR, 5 Star Ac

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.Full HD Filter collects upto 60% of dust & bacteria
• Powerful UTR Plus™ compressor cools even at 54°C
• Happy Hours maintains ideal temperature and airflow for a pleasant daytime sleep

Purista AS185BBH 1.5 TR, 5 Star

Samsung Air Conditioners with triple Protection technology ensures that you and your loved ones enjoy life in an environment that is it cool, comfortable & clean.

Full HD Filter

With Samsung’s advanced Full High Density Filter, you can ensure your room is kept fresh and clean. The Full HD Filter offers improved filtration by removing even the smallest microscopic dust particles and transforming polluted air into clean energised air.
Improved dust removability
Samsung's Full HD Filter creates cleaner air with outstanding dust collection due to new improved density of the filter.
Antibacterial Coating
Due to the stable structure of antibacterial coating, the filter does not get worn down by water. This complete protection of antibacteria filter ensures you breathe cleaner and fresher air for a longer period of time.
Easier and Carefree Filter Cleaning
All you need to do is simply wash out the dirt with flowing water to clean the filter. Always keep your air clean and fresh with the simple and easy care of the filter.


Samsung’s Bio Sleep mode ensures that the most comfortable temperature is maintained for a good night’s sleep by automatically changing room temperature as per the body’s requirment.

UTR Plus™ Compressor

The UTR (Ultra Tropical Rotary) Plus™ provides incredibly powerful and reliable performance without breakdowns even in extremely hot weather thereby providing greater comfort.
Consistent cooling even at 54°C
The UTR Plus™ with its strong motor can quickly cool the air even in extremely hot climates of 54°C, and it is 23% faster than the conventional Reciprocatory compressor.
Long-lasting coolness without breakage
Samsung’s UTR Plus™ compressor extends its lifespan with its enhance welding method with a new durable material, so that you can enjoy its powerful performance for a longer period of time.

Happy Hours

Samsung’s newly added Happy Hour off ers an effective solution during the day hours so that you enjoy a pleasant power nap without the need to adjust settings again and again.

Digital Temperature Display

From young to old, checking the temperature is easy for everyone with Samsung’s family-friendly display window. Its easy-to-read, oversized numbers beam out in bright, white luminescence for instant temperature recognition. And the simple, eye-catching icons make it a breeze to use.

Remote Controller

Samsung’s ergonomic, innovative remote control was designed for everyone, whether you’re in the first grade or celebrating your 81st birthday. With bigger numbers, soft-touch buttons, an easy-view display and a comfy grip, you’re always in control. And its circular navigation keypad truly brings power to the people.

Samsung Led -UA55D8000YR

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Make the leap to interactive home entertainment with Samsung LED’s Smart Hub. It is the simplest way of getting more from your TV. You can now harness the full potential of the internet through your TV with new features such as Search All and Web Browser. They help you find TV-related online content and information, while also helping you share movies, photos and music. Add to this the huge possibilities that come with Samsung TV Apps and Social TV, and the LED is ready to inject a lot of fun into your world of entertainment and communication.

Discover TV’s new dimension

Bring home the excitement of a true 3D experience with the Samsung 3D LED TV. Built with the most advanced 3D imaging technology, the Samsung 3D LED TV delivers a premium 3D experience right into your living room. You can complete your total 3D home entertainment experience with additional accessories like a 3D Blue-ray disc player, 3D active glasses, and 3D contents such as movies and games.

Seamless design for a seamless viewing experience

Your Samsung LED Smart TV boasts timeless beauty with its ‘One Design’, which enriches your TV experience. Transporting you closer to the action, the LED elegantly combines the screen with an Ultra-slim bezel, reducing clutter and delivering a truly immersive experience. The TV is framed with a super-narrow Silver Metal outline for total sophistication that complements any decor. And with its light-weight design, it is easily hung on the wall and perfect for modern living.

The ultimate home-base of entertainment

Supreme connectivity enables you to enjoy all your digital content and interactions in one place. AllShare lets you connect your TV wirelessly to all your compatible digital devices, unlocking the music, movies and photos stored there. AllShare PC software is also available for download and ensures that your PC content can be searched, streamed and played back on your TV.

Smart Hub

Change what you watch on TV and how you watch it with Samsung’s Smart Hub. Now you can download various Apps to search for TV content while watching live TV, to surf the web on your TV, stay connected with friends and family, find movie recommendations.

Search All

Find more TV content. Samsung Search All brings you easy ways to locate shows you want to watch – even while you’re viewing live TV – and helps series 8000, 7000 and 6000 owners find related content on the web.

Social TV

Share more with friends and family. Samsung’s Social TV feature lets you blog and chat about the shows you love – through sites and services like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Talk – while you’re still watching live TV. Please note that Social TV availability depends on the region.

Web Browser

Surf the net on your TV. A dedicated web browser, optimised for use with your Samsung smart TV, offers you a truly engaging and interactive online experience. Search, shop, connect, network – it’s up to you.

Your Video

Get more from movies. Samsung’s Your Video is a bespoke Video on Demand service, recommending movie clips and TV shows that reflect your individual tastes. Its user ratings and concise synopses help inform your choices.


Skype on your Samsung TV lets you make free Skype-to-Skype video calls to anywhere in the world – just plug in a TV camera and you’re ready to go – and calls to landlines and mobiles at drastically reduced rates.

3D Converter

See more in 3D. Built into your Samsung smart TV, dedicated technology converts 2D movies and shows into 3D, making even familiar content more thrillingly immersive than ever before.

3D Sound

Immerse yourself in 3D sound. Samsung’s Depth Rendering Technology produces 3D sound as spacious and lifelike as in the cinema – for an audio experience so captivating you forget you’re watching TV.

Micro Dimming

See more in 3D. Built into your Samsung smart TV, dedicated technology converts 2D movies and shows into 3D, making even familiar content more thrillingly immersive than ever before.

3D Glasses

Samsung''s 3D Active glasses are lightweight and ergonomically designed, with flexible temple hinges and adjustable nose pads, so you can immerse yourself in the action for hours with no discomfort.

Digital Noise Filter

Watch crystal-clear analog programming as if it was being broadcasted digitally with Samsung’s Digital Noise Filter. The filter helps to eliminate some of the digital “noise” that are seen on your screen.

Ultra Clear Panel

Say goodbye to blurring. Samsung’s new filter and panel construction eliminates dual and layered images, so you enjoy precise, crystal-clear TV pictures from almost every viewing angle.

Full HD 1080p

Get closer to reality. Samsung’s full HD Plasma TVs boast twice the resolution of standard HD TVs, for richly textured, naturalistic pictures that captivate your mind and elevate your viewing experience.

Wide Colour Enhancer Plus

See the world’s true colours. Samsung’s Wide Colour Enhancer Plus uses an advanced algorithm to drastically improve image quality – even displaying subtle tones and details that less advanced TVs cannot reproduce.

Clear Motion Rate

Experience the true meaning of motion clarity with Samsung''''s Clear Motion Rate. Unlike the "refresh rate." which explains a part of picture quality, Clear Motion Rate determines the motion of an image by using three factors: chipset, TV panel, and backlight. WIth the new standard in motion measurement and control, you will clearly see the difference.


Bring it all together. AllShare wirelessly connects to compatible mobile devices through DLNA technology so the movies, photos and music stored on them can be viewed, listened to and shared on your smart TV.

Connect Share Movie

Tap your digital devices. ConnectShare™ Movie transforms your TV into a home entertainment theatre - simply plug in your USB memory drive or connect your hard disk drive to screen the movies, photos and music stored there.

HDMI 1.4

Multiply your media. Four High Definition Multimedia Interface™ (HDMI®) inputs allow you to speed high-definition digital data from several devices straight to your smart TV, giving you more content to enjoy on screen.

Planet First

Be a friend to the planet. Samsung’s new TVs are constructed using more efficient technology, fewer components and non-toxic materials, so are kinder on the environment.


Concentrate your control. Anynet technology enables you to direct all of your HDMICEC-compatible digital devices – whatever their manufacturer – with a single remote control, for a streamlined home-entertainment experience.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Sony Tablet P (4GB+2GB(microSD), 3G & Wi-Fi)

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Imagine all of Sony’s expertise integrated into ultla light and compact design to fit perfectly in your hand. A tablet that is equipped with dual-screen, crystal clear TruBlack™ Display and dynamic xLOUD™ sound. A swift and smooth experience on our most fluid touch-screen ever.

  • SGPT211IN/S-Sony Tablet™ PAndroid™ 3.2
  • Dual screen for maximum mobility
  • Swift and smooth touch experience with “Quick View” and “Quick Touch”
  • Pre-installed with games for PlayStation™ Certified devices
  • Throw videos, music, and photos to DLNA network devices
  • Be entertained with Sony unique applications such as Music Player, Video Player, and Gallery.
  • SGPT211IN/S-Sony Tablet™ P

Designed for you

If you’re living your life on the go, choose the Sony Tablet P with its compact dual screen with clamshell design that low weight of just 370g.

A display of brilliance.

A display of brilliance.

A display of brilliance.

It's the two 5.5 (13.97 cms) LED-lit TruBlack™ screen you'd expect from Sony. Enjoy explorng your connected world even more with the beautiful display offered by Sony's unique panel display and anti-reflection.

Capture them. Capture yourself.

Snap photos and shoot video of the world around you with a 5-megapixel rear camera. There's also a front-facing camera for recording your own antics.

Capture them. Capture yourself.

Connect Your World.
Play well with others.

Enjoy content from your tablet on your HDTV and more. With cross-connectivity between the Sony Tablet™ P and your DLNA-compatible TV, PC or speakers, it's easy to share the fun.

The Ultimate remote.

Speed Thrills.
Introducing Swift and Smooth Experience.

Sony's latest software technology brings you faster web browsing, a more responsive touch panel and smooth animation through the menus. You'll appreciate the enhanced speed in everything you touch.

The Ultimate remote.

Get your game on with PlayStation®

Enjoy games for PlayStation™ Certified devices that you already love from the original PlayStation®.

Crash Bandicoot and related characters™ &
© Universal Interactive Studios, Inc.
Licensed by Universal Studios Licensing, Inc.
©1996 Universal Interactive Studios, Inc. Source Code;
©1996 Naughty Dog, Inc. All rights reserved.
Pinball Heroes™ ©2009 Sony Computer Entertainment America.
Published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.
Developed by San Diego Studios. “Pinball Heroes”is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment America. All rights reserved.

Party Streaming


Keep in touch while you touch. Social Feed Reader allows for at- a-glance viewing of pre-selected social media updates.
Not all social media services supported by the application

Built-in Apps

The Sony Tablet™ P comes with pre-installed apps and unlimited posibilities.

Built-in Apps

Customise with Android Market™

Browse through thousands of useful, time-saving and entertaining apps. There's also instant access to Google mobile services and apps, including 3D maps and Google Voice Search. It just takes one touch to start customising.
Customise with Android Market™

40” Sony HX750 Series BRAVIA Full HD 3D TV

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KDL-40HX750-BRAVIA™ HD TV (LED & LCD)-HX750 Series


Enjoy the most immersive 3D experience with HX750. This series features 4x High Speed 3D Panel which displays true-to-life 3D videos. Also enjoy internet-enabled features and connectivity with compliant-devices.

  • X-Reality™ picture engine
  • Dynamic Edge LED with Frame Dimming
  • 4X High Speed 3D Panel
  • Motionflow™ XR 400
  • Sony Entertainment Network (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Apps)
  • Wi-Fi Integrated

Friday, April 6, 2012

Panasonic Cube Air Conditioner : A First for India and the World

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  • Capacity : 1.25 ton, 4.40kW
  • Quiet Operation
  • Stylish Design
  • Blue Fin Condenser

High Performance Air Conditioner

Despite the huge technological challenge, the project team - aided by Panasonic Japan Research Team - scored a few breakthroughs.

Determined to accomplish strong air flow and fast cooling with low noise level, they have redesigned new diagonal propeller fan for the indoor unit. Improved blade shape curvature simultaneously enhances aerodynamic performance and reduces noise level. Added to this, front intake grill with a wider air discharge further delivers better airflow for fast cooling effect The result was the CUBE – a compact, energy-efficient, high-performer with a sleek and stylish design that would look equally attractive mounted close to the ceiling or at window level.

Blue Fin Condenser - Lasts 3 times Longer

An Air Conditioner&s performance depends largely on its condenser, which can take a beating from exposure to salty air, wind, dust and other corrosive factors. Panasonic has found a way to triple the life of our condensers, using a layer of our original anti-rust coating. This special coating lets you enjoy more years of reliable comfort plus extra economy over the long run.