Thursday, August 25, 2011

Olympus PEN–New generation system camera

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Fastest AF. Latest engine. Beautiful design. The ultimate PEN.


The PEN E-P3 takes all the key elements of camera performance to another level while retaining the classic design of its predecessor. The all-new E-P3 features new advanced technology, including the Fast AF System which achieves the world's fastest AF speed, a new image sensor and image processing engine that provide the highest image quality of any PEN series camera, and a touchscreen panel for intuitive fingertip control.


Basic Performance

Lens mount
Micro Four Thirds Mount

Effective Pixels number
12.3 million pixels

File format
RAW, JPEG, RAW+JPEG, MP (3D still)

Image Stabilizer
Built in (Imager shift image stabilizer)

3.0 inches OLED Touchscreen Display

Movie recording

E-P3  frontE-P3  backE-P3  top


Instant response - World’s fastest AFsystem.

  • Fast AF System achieves world's highest speed
  • Versatile AF functions increase your photographic comfort zone
  • New 12.3-megapixel Live MOS Sensor
  • New image processing engine supporting high image quality and fast response



New touchscreen panel makes operation more intuitive and comfortable.

  • Live Guide for easy background defocusing
  • Good-looking,sophisticated user interface
  • Built-in flash
  • Tone control
  • Detachable customizable grip



Express yourself! Art Filters offer real creative flexibility and control.

  • Ten Art Filters
  • Art Effects
  • Art Filter Bracketing


Various function
  • Full HD movie
  • Built-in image stabilization
  • Accessory Port 2
  • Face and Eye detection AF/Tracking AF
  • e-Portrait
  • Multi-Aspect
  • 3D Photo Shooting
  • One-push digital teleconverter
  • Multi-Exposure
  • New slideshow effects

Various function


Instant response - World’s fastest AF*1 system.
Instant response - World’s fastest AF(*1) system.

Try pressing the shutter button of the E-P3, and you'll find that the image comes into focus much faster than you've ever experienced before. Almost instantly, in fact. The E-P3 achieves the world's fastest*1autofocusing speed, making sure you never miss the moment that moves your heart. To obtain that extraordinary AF speed, we reviewed and redesigned everything related to the AF system in both the camera and lens. The result is an autofocus system that works about three times faster than previously, capturing the scene as it is when you shoot it, and not a few seconds later after the moment is gone. In addition, because the new 12.3-megapixel High Speed Live MOS sensor has been improved to offer higher speed and higher sensitivity, quickly turning that captured moment into a clear, sharp image, which is then reproduced with high fidelity by the newly developed TruePic VI image processing engine which boasts significant enhancements in image quality and speed. With the E-P3's instant response, you don't have to hope for a good picture, you can be sure of it.

Fast AF System achieves world's highest speed

In the E-P3 AF system, the Live MOS sensor is driven at double the previous speed (120 fps), allowing the image signals required for AF to be obtained very quickly. The speed of the AF computations that generate the contrast signal from the image signal in order to determine the degree of focusing has also been increased. The synergy with the MSC (Movie & Still Compatible) mechanism in the lens makes it possible to increase the AF speed by about three times. Together these improvements have made possible the AF at the world's fastest speed.

Fast AF System(*2) achieves world's highest speed

Versatile AF functions increase your photographic comfort zone

The 35-area AF has 35 focus selection areas, compared to 11 points on previous models, enabling detailed, pinpoint AF across a wider area than before. Other functions for improving AF versatility include the "group area AF", which selects an area composed of 3 x 3 points from the 35 points to capture a fast-moving subject accurately, as well as the "fulltime AF function", which keeps the Live View image focused even when the release button is not pressed, enabling quick tracking of a moving subject.

Versatile AF functions increase your photographic comfort zone

New 12.3-megapixel Live MOS Sensor

The E-P3 incorporates a new 12.3-megapixel High Speed Live MOS sensor that is a high-sensitivity, high-speed version of the E-P3itional Live MOS sensor. The sensor is also compatible 1920 x 1080/59.94i full HD-format movie recording. The use of the line addition method for readout of lines in movies and Live View images improves image reproduction. Maximum sensitivity has also been boosted to as high as ISO12800, which can improve shooting under low light, indoors or using a faster shutter speed.

New 12.3-megapixel Live MOS Sensor

New image processing engine supporting high image quality and fast response

The E-P3 incorporates the new TruePic VI image processing engine to improve image quality and quicken response. In addition to using the same Fine Detail processing that provided the E-5 with such high resolution, the E-P3 incorporates Real Color Technology to improve the reproduction and gradation expressions of specific colors, so that they appear more natural and closer to the way the actually look to the human eye. Dedicated image processing cores are used separately for the recorded image and Live View image to improve the response in sequential shooting.

New image processing engine supporting high image quality and fast response

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bose 901® Floor Standing Direct/Reflecting® Speaker System

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Achieve maximum performance from your stereo components with our flagship speaker system.
Only live sounds better.


Direct/Reflecting® speaker technology
Experience lifelike spaciousness from a natural balance of reflected and direct sound—similar to a live performance.
Nine full-range helical voice coil drivers for each speaker
Experience the full spectrum of rich, lifelike sound without any crossover network.
Stereo Everywhere® speaker performance
The remarkable result of proprietary Bose™ technologies that produce balanced stereo sound over a wide area. Experience consistent coverage that’s unmatched by most conventional speakers that radiate sound into the room in a single direction.
Helically wound aluminum voice coils
This Bose technology allows you to enjoy room-filling music from speakers designed for higher durability, greater efficiency and superior power handling.
Acoustic Matrix™ enclosure
Hear clear, well-defined low frequencies over the entire low-frequency spectrum, as speaker chamber noise is dramatically reduced.
Free-standing active equalizer
Enjoy smoother, more natural balance and clarity throughout the audio spectrum

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Samsung SA300N Led monitor

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Upgrade to the next level with Mega Dynamic Contrast.

Upgrade to the next level with Mega Dynamic Contrast.

Experience amazing new levels of colour, brilliance and picture quality through the very latest in Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio. Samsung SA300 monitors deliver images so real-to-life that it will transform your whole viewing experience. Packed with breathtaking 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio, the highest level currently available, the SA300 monitor ensures that blacks are at their absolute darkest and (with pristine whites) colours are at their brightest. You will immediately notice the crystal clear picture and its unbelievable intensity. It is like an explosion of colours and leaves other screens seeming dull in comparison. So, take your viewing pleasure to the next level with Samsung Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio – and enjoy your multimedia content with the professionalism it deserves.

Control brightness, conserve energy.

Control brightness, conserve energy.

Eco saving makes saving energy easy. It adjusts the brightness of your Samsung monitor based on how much energy you want to save. And with the choice of three energy saving modes (50%, 25% and Power Saving off), you can really tailor your monitor use to meet your own personal needs. Samsung’s commitment to saving energy is designed to help both you and the environment, and with up to 50% saving on consumption, you can really make a positive impact on your eco footprint. Take the effort out of saving energy and take control with Eco saving.

See it your way with wider viewing angles.

See it your way with wider viewing angles.

How do you like to watch movies? Do you like lying down on the couch? Sitting in your favourite chair? Cooking or exercising? Whether you’re standing, sitting or lying down, Samsung Magic Angle makes sure that the movie always takes centre stage and that you’re always comfortable. This means, thanks to the 5-mode angle management, that whatever angle you watch your Samsung monitor, you will enjoy a full visual experience with amazing picture clarity. So, start seeing your favourite movies and other multimedia in total comfort and without limitations thanks to Magic Angle.

LG WQD74RJ5P Water Purifier-with one touch hot & cold function

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Not just pure water, Experience Complete Care.

With LG's Total Water Solution, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. All thanks to the unique one-touch hot and cold function, you get cold water at minimum 3oC and hot water at maximum 90oC instantly.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Yamaha Blu-ray 3D™

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Blu-ray 3D™ playback, network functionality allows more content to be enjoyed, control via iPhone app, SCENE with CEC allows easier operation, design and operation matched to Yamaha AV Receivers.

DIVX PLUS HD Blu-Ray 3D DTS HD Master Audio Blu-ray Disc Bonus View DVD Video CD Digital Audio Dolby TrueHD AVCHD HDMI DLNA Technology JAVA JPEG MP3 BD-LIVE

  • Supports playback of Blu-ray 3D™
  • iPhone app compatibility for easier operation
  • SCENE functionality via HDMI CEC
  • Connect to the Internet to access the fun and informative features
  • BONUSVIEW™ compatibility
  • Netflix compatibility
  • YouTube Leanback compatibility
  • Audio playback of all current HD formats
  • 1080p/24Hz-compatible HDMI video output
  • 3D and BD-Live Features

    • Supports playback of Blu-ray 3D™, the latest video format
    • Connect to the Internet to access the fun and informative features that BD-Live™ provides
    • BONUSVIEW™ provides Secondary Video and Audio for enhanced commentary and information
    • Virtual Package for new entertainment possibilities

    Audio Features

    • Audio playback of all current HD formats
    • Direct bitstream and multi-channel Linear PCM output via HDMI
    — Analogue 2-channel down-mixed audio output
    • 192kHz/24-bit audio DAC

    Video Features

    • 1080p/24Hz-compatible HDMI video output
    • x.v.Colour and Deep Colour compatibility
    • 1080p playback for DVDs, photos and home movies

    Advanced Features

    • Netflix (for USA and Canada only) compatibility for internet video streaming
    • YouTube Leanback compatibility
    • iPhone app compatibility for easier operation
    • One-touch power on and playback from AV Receiver SCENE button via HDMI CEC
    • DLNA certified Client
    • Firmware update capability via Internet
    • On-screen display GUI
    • Multimedia compatibility:
    DivX Plus HD, AVCHD, WMV, MOV, MP4, MPG (Video)
    MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC (Audio)
    JPEG HD (Picture)
    • Playback of JPEG slideshows with MP3 audio sound track
    • Setup Wizard makes setup easy

Friday, August 5, 2011

Nokia C2 Touch and Type Dual Sim mobile phone

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Fun at your fingertips

Get more of what you
want – Facebook, apps, email, maps and more right on this touch-and-type mobile phone.


Touch screen and keypad

  • Touch the screen to open apps, flick through photos and browse the web.
  • Watch videos and see pictures on the 2.6’’ QVGA display.
  • Slide open the keypad for fast, easy messaging.
  • Typing on the keypad is fast and
    convenient – just like you’re used to.
  • Get straight to your favourite apps with a simple swipe to the left or right of your home screen.


Internet and browsing

  • Save on data costs – the efficient Nokia Browser reduces the amount of data downloaded.
  • Web pages load faster than ever before, meaning less waiting time.
  • A handy web app catalogue helps you find your favourite websites and services.
  • Scroll through web pages and zoom in and out with your finger.
  • See web pages clearly on the 2.6" colour display.

Apps and more

  • Get new apps at the Store, right from your phone – apps for messaging and more.
  • Put fun at your fingertips with the latest games for touch-screen phones.
  • Give your phone a personal touch – get lively ringtones, themes and more.
  • Check out the latest movie trailers, or get a video greeting to share.

Social networks and messaging

  • Check Facebook and Twitter updates easily from the same view.
  • Post photos and videos to your social networks for your friends to enjoy.
  • Get emails instantly from Hotmail, Gmail and other accounts.
  • Chat using Windows Messenger, Google Talk or other services.


  • You’ll always have a map in your pocket with Nokia Maps on your phone.
  • Maps for your region are preloaded, saving you data download costs.
  • Plan the best walking or bike routes to places you want to visit.
  • Share your location with friends through MMS.
  • See what’s nearby and find what you
    need – restaurants, stores and more.


  • Play your favourite tracks on the built-in MP3 player.
  • Simply touch the screen to play music, skip songs or change stations.
  • Enjoy music with friends on the powerful built-in 106 phon speaker.
  • Take hundreds of songs with you on the included 2 GB microSD memory card.
  • Tune in to music and news with the FM radio.

    Thursday, August 4, 2011

    Canon Digital IXUS 220 HSNEW!

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    Stand out of the crowd with the IXUS 220 HS. This fashionable device packed a 5x Optical Zoom and is the slimmest* digital compact camera with a 24mm ultra wide-angle lens.
    *As of Jan 2011 among digital compact cameras in the same category.

    • 12.1 megapixels CMOS sensor
    • 24mm ultra wide-angle lens
    • Movie digest

    Advanced Smart Auto

    Digital IXUS 220 HS

    Advanced Smart Auto mode gets you ready to shoot in all kinds of situations and can now detect up to 32 different scenes. Simply point and shoot and let the advanced Smart Auto adjusts the exposure and focal settings accordingly to the various lighting conditions. At last, users can concentrate on capturing the perfect moment with ease and confident.

    Creative Filters

    Digital IXUS 220 HS

    Access 6 artistic creative filters instantly with a quick twist of the mode dial. New Toy Camera & Monochrome effects.

    Movie Digest

    Digital IXUS 220 HS

    Using the Movie Digest Mode, you can automatically record a short 4 seconds video clip every time you shoot a still image. The camera will combine an entire day's worth of clips into a single video. No editing required!