Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX7 with Full HD 1080 resolution at Rs.12990/-only.

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DSC-WX7/B-Digital Still Camera-W Series

Stunningly styled, compact and beautifully easy to use, the Cyber-shot WX7 digital camera offers extraordinary imaging possibilities and limitless creative options. Step up to high-performance imaging with detail-packed stills, 3D and smooth Full HD 1080i video.


Full HD

Capture and share the moments

Keep those wonderful memories truly vivid and touchingly beautiful

Take videos in seamless HD

Full HD Recording
Take videos in seamless HD

3D Photography

3D Photography
Add depth to your shooting

Get perfect shots every time with Image³

Image³ System
Get perfect shots every time

Superior Auto - Better looking pictures made easy

Superior Auto
Better looking pictures made easy

Background Defocus
Focus on what's clearly important

Full HD Recording

View your world in a brand new way
Record your footage in Full HD 1080 resolution, using AVCHD video compression technology. You’ll be rewarded with rich, natural images that look great on your Full HD television or PC.With fast-motion video captured in smoother action, the DSC-WX7 is designed to help you share precious moments seamlessly.


3D Photography

Add a new dimension to your shooting
Images you capture now become more beautiful, with 3D photography capabilities on the Cyber-shot DSC-WX7. With 3D Sweep Panorama, you'll get amazing and realistic panoramic 3D shots with true depth viewable on your 3D TV, simply with a sweep of your hand.

If you want instant 3D photos, try the Sweep Multi-Angle feature. With this playback technology, tilting the camera from left to right animates the image to display it in 3D, so you can easily share your images without 3D glasses.


Image³ Magic

Brilliant pictures now come standard
Sony's Image³ System combines the technology of a superior lens, image sensor and processor to bring you perfection in every shot. With a Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar® wide-angle 25mm lens, you can capture more of your surroundings with wider shots, while getting closer to your subjects with a 5x Optical Zoom.

Capture images clearly with a powerful 16.2 megapixel Exmor R® CMOS Image Sensor that performs well even at night or in low-light situations. Combined with the BIONZ® processor, you'll enjoy quick, responsive shooting and high resolution, sharper images every time.


Superior Auto

No fuss, just great photos
Not sure how to pick the perfect camera settings to suit a particular scene? Don’t worry, help is at hand. Superior Auto Mode adjusts exposure and other camera settings for optimum results in a wide range of shooting situations. You focus on what’s happening around you and get high quality results in any situation at the touch of a button.

Background Defocus

Focus on what's most important in your picture
Create perfect compositions for your portraits and other images with natural-looking blurred backgrounds. Usually only seen on professionally taken shots, they can now be achieved with Background Defocus. Simply select your level of background blur, and get attractive photos with defocused backgrounds.


Full HD Movie Recording

Discover the all new Cyber-shot series that gives Full high-definition (HD) movie shooting a new meaning. Taking advantage of Full HD AVCHD (1920 x 1080 50i) capability, now shoot videos with ultra-precision. Sports events, kids at play, animals in motion are no longer a forgotten memory. Use it, love it!


offers extraordinary imaging possibilities and limitless creative options. Step up to high-performance imaging with detail-packed stills, 3D and smooth Full HD 1080i video.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The new Creative ZiiO 7" entertainment tablet

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The tablet you will want to bring with you everywhere

The new Creative ZiiO 7" entertainment tablet is the next evolution in wireless digital entertainment and mobile computing. Extremely compact, portable and lightweight, you don't have to think twice about taking it along wherever you go - the cafe, on the train or simply lounging on your sofa.

Unlike conventional tablets that offer mediocre sound, the ZiiO 7" does not compromise on audio quality. A touch of an onscreen button instantly launches the pure android audio* application to offer audio-enhancing options including X-Fi, apt-X and Bluetooth® connectivity. With this unique application, you'll enjoy the highest quality wireless audio streamed from an Android tablet to compatible Bluetooth speakers or headphones.

What's more, the ZiiO 7” synchronizes the whole pure wireless entertainment ecosystem, delivering pure android audio to not just your music, but movies, games and Internet content too.

The ZiiO 7” also lets you do what other Android tablets do - connect to the Internet, send emails and even shop for apps, games and eBooks from the Creative ZiiStore. Available in 8GB and 16GB versions, it's a portable entertainment tablet that lets you store, manage and stream all audio content from one device, while staying free from wires.

Pure Android Audio

Enhance sound with pure android audio

A one-touch onscreen icon which houses X-Fi and a Bluetoothdevice manager for easy management of paired audio devices. It utilizes the ZiiO's apt-X codec and lossless audio format support to deliver the most seamless, high-quality wireless audio experience.

Pure Pure Wireless entertainment ecosystem

The pure wireless entertainment ecosystem

The ZiiO 7” synchronizes easily with other audio products such as Creative's wireless speakers like ZiiSound D5 and the wireless Creative WP-300 headphones to form the pure wireless entertainment ecosystem. Serving as a hub for your entertainment, you can store, manage and stream audio content effortlessly.

X-Fi Technology

X-Fi Crystalizer for crystal-clear music

X-Fi Crystalizer intelligently restores lost detail and enhances your digital audio content to amazingly high levels of clarity.

X-Fi Expand for movies and games

X-Fi Expand amplifies sound in movies and games

X-Fi Expand intelligently expands your movie and game soundtracks into an immersive audio experience with breathtakingly realistic depth of field. Pinpoint enemies faster from the sound of his footsteps, and even with earphones on, you'll feel as if the sound is coming from quality speakers.


High-performance apt-X audio codec

High-performance apt-X audio codec with low latency ensures superior Bluetooth wireless stereo.

Bluetooth 2.1 Wireless

No cords, no hassle, just pristine Bluetooth music

Stream high-fidelity stereo audio wirelessly from the ZiiO 7” viaBluetooth and apt-X technology. Works with stereo Bluetooth-compatible speakers including the Creative ZiiSound D5 and ZiiSound T6, and the wireless Creative WP-300 headphones.

Video-out in HD quality

HD viewing enjoyment, upsized on your TV

Enjoy your movies in outstanding HD quality and immense viewing comfort - simply by hooking up the ZiiO 7” to a large-screen HDTV with an HDMI cable1.

Wireless LAN

Surf the Internet with Wireless LAN support

Thanks to built-in IEEE 802.11 b/g support, all the wireless hotspots2 in town are yours. Surf the Internet and check your emails anywhere you go.

Built-in microSD card slot

More content, endless enjoyment

Enjoy the flexibility of accessing more music and movies directly from your microSD card. The more microSD cards you have, the merrier your entertainment will be!

Customize your home screen

Customize your home screen

An innovative six-panel home screen navigation feature differentiates our tablet from the rest. With this feature, you can further customize your home screen and add your icons, apps or shortcuts anywhere.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

All New HTC ChaCha-Android with qwerty keyboard

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Be the first with the news

Be the first with the news

HTC ChaCha has a Facebook button that lets you share just about anything with just one touch. Take a photo - straight to Facebook. Make a video - straight to Facebook. Show whatever, whenever, at the touch of a button.

 Chat room with all your friends

Chat room with all your friends

Chat with all your friends on the world's biggest social networking site. HTC ChaCha's Facebook chat widget means you can group all your friends together, and see when anyone is online. Start a live instant chat, and juggle between as many private conversations as you want. The conversation never ends with HTC ChaCha.

Type like a demon

Type like a demon

Heaps of friends, heaps of things you want to say. HTC ChaCha comes with a QWERTY keyboard, so you can knock out your messages fast. Whether it's an email, a new Facebook posting, or instant message chat, you can now knock 'em out like a champ.

HTC Sense

HTC Sense is an experience designed around many little insightful ideas. Ideas that seem so simple, you think “why hasn’t any one else thought of that? It just makes sense.” It’s a phone experience full of lots of little surprises, delighting you every time.
  • People-centric Communication

    All your calls, messages and updates are organized by people, not by applications.

  • Customizable Homescreen

    Add everything that is important to you to your homescreen.

  • Friend Stream

    See all your friends' Facebook© updates, Tweets and Flickr® photos on the same screen.

  • Easy Reading and Browsing

    Zoom in on a webpage and the text changes size and reflows automatically to make it easier to read.

  • Feed Your Brain

    Ever been curious about something you read? A simple tap and hold lets you search any word or phrase selection in Wikipedia, Google, YouTube or the dictionary.

  • No More Awkward Moments

    Ever fumbled with your phone because it went off at full-blast during a meeting? Well, don’t worry! Now as soon as you lift your phone up to see who’s calling, the ringer volume gets lower. Want it silenced completely? Just flip it over.

  • An Icebreaker for Your Calls

    Now when you look to see who’s calling, you get to see their latest social status updates or if they have a birthday coming up. The conversation starts before you say hello!

  • Surf the web in style
    Surf the web in style

    Surf from one website to another with multiple browsing windows, zoom in and out of a page, and watch the text resize automatically on screen so you don't waste time panning left and right. You can even highlight text and quickly look up what you're reading about on Google, Wikipedia or YouTube.

  • Snap and share in an instant
    Snap and share in an instant

    Whether it's evidence of a night out with friends, a lucky shot of some rare wildlife, or a funny picture you've just been sent, it's easier to snap and share with HTC ChaCha. Just grab it, upload it and tag it for all your friends to see.

  • Beats on the go
    Facebook your entire phone

    Whether it's Bieber or the Beatles, your HTC ChaCha lets you listen to all your favorite tunes straight from your in-built music player. No need to bring a separate MP3 player, with the support for microSD cards, there's enough space to store heaps of your favorite tunes. Now you're free to sing along to your heart's content.

  • Facebook your entire phone
    All the news in one place

    Your friends are your life, so you want to be close to them. That's why HTC ChaCha comes with a load of Facebook widgets that bring you closer to them. Like a clock with a Facebook stream of updates as a ticker, and a Calendar widget so you never miss your friends' birthdays and events. You can also follow your special favorites and all their news with the Friend Stream widget. With HTC ChaCha, you're no longer a friend – you're a super-friend.

  • All your email accounts in one inbox
    All your email accounts in one inbox

    If you've got a work email and a private one, your HTC ChaCha helps keep you on top of things by merging the accounts together into one inbox. All the emails are color coded, so you know what's what, and you can sort them by importance, groups or content.

  • Check in and chill out
    All the news in one place

    With just one press, share where you are, what you're doing and the friends you're with right from your mobile. Get your friends into it and you'll never miss another chance to connect when you happen to be nearby at the same time.

Friday, April 22, 2011

The New LG Optimus Me- P350 Android at Rs.8550/-only

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    A whole new smartphone experience with the compact new LG Optimus Me

    The LG Optimus Me with Android 2.2, live mobile TV, pre loaded apps, speech recognition, social networking and  almost everything that you can imagine. At last a phone that looks smart and work smart too.


    Android OS 2.2 (Froyo)
    Better web browsing / UI Response.
    LG Mobile Live TV
    Watch live Indian TV channels, Video on demand, Record favorite program and play later.
    LG Apps Advisor
    Provides auto updated apps as per need and usage.


    Speech Recognition
    Speak to search relevant context.
    Pre Loaded Apps
    Pre loaded app for convenience.

    Tuesday, April 19, 2011

    The New HTC Flyer tablet with a 7" display and a superfast 1.5 GHz processor

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    Fly through the web wherever you go

    Fly through the web wherever you go

    Conveniently compact and light for travel, yet amazingly powerful, the HTC Flyer tablet with a 7" display and a superfast 1.5 GHz processor is perfect for web browsing at home, in the car or on a busines trip. To make it even better, it features Adobe Flash support, multi-window browsing with pinch to zoom, and a clever quick look-up that lets you tap into Wikipedia, Youtube and other web resources.

    3D fun at every turn

    Fun at every turn

    No more hunting around for stuff, anything you want is only a swipe and a tap away. Photos, entertainment, weather, calendar, mail, friends smoothly roll around at your fingertips, front and center, while giving you a sneak peak of what's to come.

    A pen that's quite magic

    A pen that's quite magic

    HTC Flyer's magic pen transforms anything. It can draw, paint, write, and even retouch pictures. It can be a highlighter for the reader (and by the way all your highlights will be collated when you're done). The HTC Flyer can link audio to the notes you take for work, and it can add voiceover to a storybook you're drawing up at home. Work or play, it's magic for the whole family.

    • Hollywood on-demand
      Hollywood on-demand

      With HTC Watch, HTC Flyer transforms into a portable cinema featuring a wide selection of the latest Hollywood blockbusters for on-demand viewing. And with an expansive 7" screen and superb SRS virtual surround sound, you can immerse yourself in the cinematic experience whether it's on a short break or a long drive.

    • Amplify your audio experience
      Amplify your audio experience

      It's not just the visuals that are impressive. HTC Flyer comes with dual speakers for a much richer listening and entertainment experience. Enjoy high fidelity sound with SRS WOW HD™ virtual surround sound.

    • Zoodles of fun with Kid Mode
      Zoodles of fun with Kid Mode

      Transform your HTC Flyer into a fun, safe and secure playground for your kids. Kid Mode opens up a world of brainy games, story books – that let you tell a bedtime story even when you're not there and art mode that incorporates the magic pen and lets their artistic side run wild.

    • Capture life in HD
      Capture life in HD

      Have you ever had a camera with a 7-inch viewfinder? It's an eye opening experience! Take great shots with the 5MP camera and capture life in HD with the 720p HD camcorder.

    • A library in your pocket
      A library in your pocket

      There's no need to carry epic novels around with you anymore with a built-in library of classics at your fingertips. Flick through titles, and even highlight and explore a word or phrase through Wikipedia, Google, YouTube or the dictionary. Go ahead, kids and you can now download your favorite books straight to your HTC Flyer and take them anywhere.

    • More fun with photos
      More fun with photos

      Take family photos to another level with our new Snapbooth. You can change lenses or add effects to make moments more memorable. And when you're done taking the photo - use the pen to re-touch it, name it or turn your picture into a birthday card.

    HTC Flyer at work

    • Stay on top of your schedule
      Stay on top of your schedule

      View all of your calendar appointments on the big 7" screen. Every appointment, birthday, event and holiday gets plenty of space, so you'll never have to squint. It will even sync up with your email account, so everything that happens on your computer, happens on your HTC Flyer.

    • One access point for all your mail
      One access point for all your mail

      If you've got a work email account and a private one, your HTC Flyer helps you by merging them all together into one inbox so you're always organized. They're color coded, so you know what's what, and you can sort them by importance, groups or content. Super organized, just like you.

    • All the details, all at your fingertips
      All the details, all at your fingertips

      HTC Flyer is perfect for capturing the information you need in a way that makes sense to you. With HTC Notes, you can write it down, add a scribble, sometimes a picture is handy, at other times, it's best if you record the words just the way they were spoken. And since you can sync your notes with Evernote – you can access and review them from your office computer, or another smartphone.

    • Office on the go
      Office on the go

      The HTC Flyer is small enough to take anywhere and powerful enough to get the job done. View and edit Office documents wherever you find yourself. And if the need for a hard copy arises - send it via Wi-Fi to a nearby printer.