Saturday, July 31, 2010

The new Onida Full HDLcd 24” M SERIES

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60000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio



Surround Sound

VisD Image Engine

Friday, July 30, 2010

New league of LED TVs from Haier

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It’s the rise of a new league of LED TVs from Haier. These sleek sharp and stylish, moulds of pure entertainment will infuse your space with pure joy. Now, enjoy movies, music and the magic of games like never before. Simply spellbinding, surreal, yet so real, these LEDs pack a vivid punch of clarity, detail and depth in every frame. It’s time to enhance your viewing pleasure with the perfect partner you’ve been waiting for - The awesome beauty and the entertainer Haier LED TV.







TCL Blu-ray Lcd Tv – P Series

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


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    Quite a Display!

    Brighter colors. Deeper blacks. Energy efficiency unrivaled by other display types. LED display technology is one of the latest advancements and the LE5300 offers it at a price that's in reach. Now it's easy to get into LED.


    Dynamic Mega Contrast Ratio (10,00,000:1)
    LG television are engineered with dynamic Mega Contrast Ratio technology. This means that pictures are exceptionally clear and crisp with significantly reduced optical glare and light reflection. With the adition of colorant it can project colours naturally without white balance and provide vivid images even in a bright enviornment without reflection.
    Clear voice II
    The Power of controlling mid frequemcies Automatically enhances the sound of human voice when background noise swells.
    HD Ready
    It is a HDTV standard which specifies the progressive scan resolution of 1366 x 768. This figure represents the vertical and horizontal pixels on screen.

    Response time 4 ms
    It is the minimum amount of time taken for a pixel to turn on or off.
    PC Connectivity
    View images in ultra-rich resolution on your TV by connecting to your world of multimedia entertainment on your PC.

    Videocon Flexi Dual Mode Mobile-VC 1424

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    Key Features

    • Flexi Dual Mode (GSM+GSM/CDMA), Dual Active
    • 1.3 MP Camera with Video Recording
    • 5 cms (2) Hi Resolution TFT screen
    • 176*220 pixels
    • MP3 Player with memory expandable upto 4GB
    • 1000 mAH Battery: 180 minutes talktime/90 hours stand-by
    • A2DP Bluetooth Streaming
    • Dual Speakers for Stereo Effect
    • FM Recording

    VC1424 Specifications

    5 cms (2) TFT screen
    176*220 Pixels
    1000 mAH Battery
    180 mins Talk Time/90 Hrs Standby Time*
    * Battery Talk TIme and Standby Time can vary based on various usage and environmental factors..

    106mm x 45.5mm x 15.5mm

    Dual Speakers for Stereo Effect
    MP3 Player
    FM Radio
    Stereo FM Recording
    Audio Recorder

    Upto 4GB Expandable Memory
    500 Phonebook Memory
    400 SMS Memory

    1.3 MP Camera
    Video Recording

    Dual Band GSM (900/1800 MHz)/CDMA (800 MHz)
    GPRS and WAP browser
    A2DP Bluetooth Streaming


    Mobile Tracker
    Remote Data Erase*
    Phonebook Retrieval**
    Phonebook Backup on Memory Card
    Accessing Contacts from Memory Card***
    Voice Morphing#
    Background Noise Simulation##

    Tuesday, July 27, 2010

    Samsung LED 9000 with Samsung 3D technology

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    Watch jaw-dropping action leap off the screen with Samsung 3D technology. The LED 9000 television brings new depth and dimension to it all - so you are not just watching the action, you are living it. Along with a visually stunning picture, it also features web-connected Samsung Apps so you can stream movies, play games, flip through photos, and more while you watch TV. And Real 200Hz Motion Plus with 800 Clear Motion Rate virtually eliminates all motion blur so your picture is crisp. Add 6,000,000:1 Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio and you'll experience a truly exceptional home entertainment experience.


    Something that conveniently controls everything. Control it all — with one remote.

    Samsung TVs do so much, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to. The ultra-efficient universal remote control sees to that. It lets you control the TV, the set-top box (STB) and any AV device in the living room — without the need for any additional remote controls. This all-in-one command centre also gives you wireless control of your PC content, its DNA Support feature even allows you to search the PC contents list by thumbnail image. And with its on-screen display QWERTY keyboard, inputting text for searches and social networking is a breeze.

    Ultimate reality with Samsung 3D

    There’s only one way to experience 3D when you’re not in a theatre. And
    that’s the Samsung 3D TV. It offers the ultimate immersive viewing
    experience by liberating content from the flat confines of the TV and turning
    it into explosive imagery. The effect is breathtaking – life-enriching, ultra-real picture quality that rivals the cinema – imported into your own living room. Samsung innovation has even made it possible to convert your favourite 2D movies to 3D. Because a Samsung 3D TV demands your attention, no matter what’s on.

    All Share (LED)

    Samsung HDTV takes the struggle out of sharing your talent with the world, or at least with your family. Transfer your videos, music and photos from your PC or mobile device. Wirelessly and effortlessly. It even connects with multiple PCs. Who said you need connections to get on TV?

    Infinite entertainment with Internet@TV.

    Samsung’s exclusive Internet@TV technology opens up more worlds than
    you can possibly imagine. And puts it all on large and brilliant screen. Effortlessly connecting to the Internet, it lets enjoy all the brilliant content the Web has to offer. Enhancing, enriching and easy, you can organise, add and delete content via its Samsung Applications library. Many models even allow you to make Internet video calls, so you’re not only connected to your videos, you’re connected to your people. Immerse yourself in the infinite options.

    The TV that’s a design sensation.

    It may come as quite a surprise that all it takes to hang our new TVs are two screws. Especially considering that most wall-mount TVs require closer to nine screws and a small crew to mount them. But what will really surprise you is what you see when you turn your new TV on.

    More real than reality with 3D HyperReal Engine

    Your mind won’t believe your eyes. That’s how breathtakingly stunning the picture quality you get with Samsung’s 3D HyperReal engine is. Enabled by Super 3C Realisation, the picture is as unrivalled as it is unbelievable. This way, you’re never just watching a movie, you’re living it. Every moment will
    ring truer, go deeper, feel stronger, look richer. Hard to believe when you’re
    on your couch.

    Wide Colour Enhancer plus

    The challenge of any TV screen is to recreate reality through colour and light. We met this challenge with our Wide Colour Enhancer Pro feature. After analysing each pixel, it stretches them to their 3-dimensional limit. What you get is the fullest, most lifelike colours you've ever seen on a TV that is.

    Connect Share Movie

    There’s no excuse anymore for leaving all those great digital pictures and videos in your cameras. All you need with the Samsung HDTV is USB connection cord. Just plug it in then instantly play. It even works for your
    music collection. So now anytime is showtime.

    Ultra Clear Panel

    Enhanced Black Expression with Low Haze By optimising the light’s phase and increasing the transparency ratio in ultra clear panel, new Samsung full HD TV can reduce reflection of out light and increase contrast.


    Take the drama out of enjoying your home theatre. Anynet+ delivers one-
    touch control for all compatible Samsung audio and video devices
    connected via HDMI. Now one touch is all it takes instead of a coffee table
    full of remotes.

    This TV doesn’t settle for less than perfect.

    A picture that’s smooth and clear doesn’t always magically appear. That’s why many of our latest HDTVs are equipped with a digital noise filter. When you have a less-than-perfect picture in a poor reception area, this filter reduces the analog noise created during transmission─ reproducing clear images, sharp details, and bringing images back to their original beauty.

    4 HDMI

    All it takes is one cable to connect your TV to your other audio and video sources. Our HDMI slot allows you to import all kinds of content without compression including pictures and videos from your digital camcorders
    and multimedia PCs. Now enjoying it all on a wide HD screen couldn't be easier.

    Light controlling, energy saving.

    Samsung HDTVs are easy on the planet—and on your eyes. Our unique Eco Sensor measures the intensity of the room’s light and automatically calibrates the brightness of the image on the screen. In a brightly lit environment, the picture brightness grows even brighter, and in dim surroundings, brightness is reduced. So now you’re not wasting energy on a bright screen when it isn’t needed. Enjoy the best picture possible with a TV that’s aware of its surroundings.

    Full HD 1080P

    Anyone can say they have the clearest picture. But only Full HD 1080p has twice the detail and twice the resolution of regular HDTV. It delivers
    dazzlingly, rich colour and vivid details. And even corrects the errors from standard definition content. It's definitely not your father's HD.

    The smartest way to watch DVDs in high resolution.

    Want your standard DVD movies to look as good as Blu-ray discs do? No problem. We created BD Wise, a feature found on Samsung DVD and Blu Ray disc players that, when used with an HDMI cable, automatically detects the optimal resolution for your discs and adjusts your Samsung HDTV to the perfect setting. This way you can spend more time enjoying great-looking movies and less time fiddling with settings.

    Mega Contrast Ratio

    Whoever said it's all in the details would have appreciated Mega Contrast. It intuitively adjusts the LED backlight for every frame. Whites are more pristine. Shades of blacks are pure. And the depths of every colour are brilliantly pronounced. It's a perfect marriage of technology and art.

    800 Clear Motion Rate

    Action scenes appear smooth, crisp, and clear on Samsung HD TVs. That’s because we know that smooth motion not only depends on Hz, but on the panel, chipset, and backlight technology. 16 times better motion performance compared to standard TV, comparable with a 800 frames per second motion effect of other TV’s.

    Swivel Stand

    With the innovative, round swivel stand you’ll never miss a frame. It delivers a great view from a wide range of angles, ensuring that virtually any seat you choose is the best in the house.

    SRS Theatre Sound

    An amazing picture isn’t enough. To really get the full experience from what you’re watching you need SRS theatre sound. Its realistic audio envelopes you with rich, stunning surround sound. And with discreetly hidden speakers, it’s all about the big picture.

    Monday, July 26, 2010

    Creative ZEN X-Fi -The best audio player from Creative

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    Touch the sound of perfection

    The ZEN X-Fi gave you the sound of perfection. Now we've gone ahead and made it even better.

    Introducing the best audio player from Creative yet - and our first ever touchscreen player - the ZEN X-Fi2. No fussy buttons involved, simply let your fingers work their magic across the 3" TFT LCD screen and gain access to all player features instantly.

    The ZEN X-Fi2 now allows you to experience stellar X-Fi technology even with your stored movies and FM radio1, restoring audio to even higher levels of clarity than before. Immerse yourself in a natural listening experience as the state-of-the-art X-Fi technology intelligently moves the earphone stereo source away from your ears, simulating an audio experience from a pair of high-end stereo speakers. Take in rich detail from nifty guitar strumming and crisp cymbal clashes and complete the whole experience with the bundled EP-630 in-ear earphones. These premium earphones are designed to block out external noise and even come with three different sizes of ear tips to offer you the most optimum comfort.


    Besides a bigger screen size than its predecessor, the ZEN X-Fi2 supports multiple audio formats including the much desired Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC), which delivers audio without compromising on its original quality. The player also supports iTunes® Plus (unprotected AAC format) which compresses audio data much more efficiently than older formats. Indulge in true pristine audio where you hear your music played the way it was meant to be heard.

    Choose from a player capacity of 8GB/16GB/32GB and if you need more memory, simply add a microSD memory card into the built-in slot. Enjoy that much more music, photos and videos at a mere touch! The ZEN X-Fi2 also supports RSS feeds offline and video out where you can share your videos and photos on the big screen TV.

    Convenience at the touch of your fingers

    Touch and go

    The digital world is now at your fingertips. The intuitive 3" TFT LCD touchscreen allows you to navigate with ease and responds to your every touch

    Best audio quality with built-in X-Fi technology

    Pump it up with X-Fi technology

    Apart from normal audio files, you can now experience the prowess of X-Fi technology with your stored movies and FM Radio1. The adjustable X-Fi Crystalizer allows you to experience the very essence of music perfection as it intelligently restores detail lost during file compression with just one touch. Take in also the most acoustically natural sound staging in headphone audio available from a media player with the X-Fi Expand technology.

    Multi-format support

    Lossless Audio Support

    You can now enjoy your music even in lossless audio formats such as FLAC files. In addition, the player also supports iTunes Plus (unprotected AAC format) besides other conventional formats such as MP3, WMA and Audible4. Use the Creative Centrale to rip, transfer and manage your media content easily.

    Picture perfect in one simple tilt

    Picture perfect in one simple tilt

    The ZEN X-Fi2 features an accelerometer function, which makes viewing your photo more fun and effortless. Simply rotate the player to adjust the orientation of your photos!

    More fun on the move

    More fun on the move

    Bored while waiting for your next appointment? Stimulate your mental prowess when you embark on a challenging game of Sudoko!

    App developers wanted!

    App developers welcome!

    Keen on writing innovative and exciting applications for the ZEN X-Fi2 player? Put your coding talents to good use and develop your favorite games yourself. Find out more.

    Watch movies and images on your TV

    Video out in X-Fi

    Enjoy movies in X-Fi or share images with your family and friends on a large screen, when you connect the ZEN X-Fi2 to the TV (A/V cable available separately).

    Built-in microSD card slot

    Expandable memory to provide more media content

    Simply slot in a microSD card to enjoy more music, movies and pictures!

    Read RSS feeds at your convenience

    RSS feeds supported

    RSS feeds are downloaded in their entirety with both text and images. Just sync the player via the USB connection and download RSS feeds from your computer and read them on your ZEN X-Fi2 on-the-go.

    Powerful built-in speakers

    Share your music out loud

    With the built-in speaker, share rock ballads or soothing overtures with your friends anytime you want.

    Excellent noise-isolation capability

    High-quality earphones

    Customized to block out external noise, the EP-630 in-ear earphones comes with the player and offers the listener optimum fit for long periods of audio use. It comes with three different ear tip sizes as well.

    Ultra-portable and lightweight player

    A lightweight masterpiece

    With its sleek curves and polished finishing, the ZEN X-Fi2 weighs a mere 75g and fits snugly in your pocket or bag. Bring it about with you easily on the go and let it be your choice for first-class digital entertainment.

    Integrated FM radio with 32 presets

    Never miss the latest hits

    Be on top of the music scene and get the latest news with the integrated FM radio. Take your pick from the 32 preset stations in the player.

    Never miss a word with the voice recorder

    Record it now

    Never miss out on meetings and lectures. Capture important speeches or whatever you fancy with the integrated voice recorder.

    Alarm, calendar, tasks and contacts to manage your appointments

    Keep your life organized

    With the built-in alarm, calendar, tasks and contacts, you'll never have trouble waking up or missing an appointment again!

    Good listening practices

    Good listening practices

    Creative cares about your hearing. The ZEN X-Fi2 comes with a Restrict Volume feature to limit the maximum volume output.

    Saturday, July 24, 2010

    Logitech Performance Mouse M950 - Laser tracking that works on virtually any surface

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    Laser tracking that works on virtually any surface and a tiny, leave-in wireless receiver put the power to achieve in your hand.



    Darkfield Laser Tracking™

    You get accurate, precise cursor control on virtually any surface, even glass tables (4 mm minimum thickness) where optical and standard laser mice fail. Turn the world into your mouse pad.

    Logitech® Unifying receiver

    Logitech® Unifying receiver

    The tiny receiver stays in your notebook. Plus, you can easily add a compatible wireless mouse or keyboard—without the hassle of multiple USB receivers.Learn more about the Unifying receiver.

    Flexible recharging system

    Flexible recharging system

    A micro-USB cable charges your mouse through your computer or a standard outlet—even when in use. You’ll always have the power you need to get the job done.

    Hyper-fast scrolling

    Hyper-fast scrolling

    You’ll fly through documents and Web pages with a single spin. Click-to-click scrolling gives you the precision you need when navigating lists, slides, and images.Excited about hyper-fast scrolling?

    Sculpted, right-hand shape

    Sculpted, right-hand shape

    Designed to fit your hand and put it in a comfortable, natural position.Comfortable hands like comfortable mice.

    Four thumb buttons

    Four thumb buttons

    Customizable thumb buttons help you do more, faster. Move backward or forward through Web pages, zoom in or out on photos, and jump between open windows.Change the cursor speed? Change the cursor? Change the programmable buttons? Find out more about SetPoint™ software.

    Logitech® Darkfield Laser Tracking™

    Now, your mouse works where others don't - even on glass.

    You work and play all over the place—and that means you’re going to encounter all sorts of work surfaces. A glass desk or shiny table shouldn’t stand in your way.

    That’s why we created Logitech® Darkfield Laser Tracking™, featured in the Logitech® Anywhere Mouse MX™ and then Logitech® Performance Mouse MX™.

    Darkfield tracks on surfaces like clear glass* and lacquered desks that stump optical mice and standard laser mice. So now your mouse works wherever you do.

    It’s all in the details.

    Optical and traditional laser mice use irregularities in the surface to track the direction and speed of your mouse. The more irregularities on a surface, the easier it is for the sensor to track your movements.

    But use your mouse on a smooth, glossy surface like clear glass, and there just aren’t enough imperfections for your standard mouse to work. This is where Darkfield Laser Tracking comes in. Darkfield uses the smallest possible details to create a micro-road map of the surface—so you get better precision on more surfaces.

    Can this mouse do everything?

    Just about. Keep in mind, however, that we haven’t designed the first two mice with Darkfield Laser Tracking for gamers or for those working on laboratory-grade clean glass.

    If you’re making lighting-fast maneuvers and need gaming-grade cursor speed, take a look at the Logitech® G9x Laser Mouse.

    And if you’re working on exceptionally clean glass, you may have to wait until the dust settles. For surfaces with fewer than 44 microscopic details (per square millimeter) that are less than 5 µm wide and 1.5 µm thick—to give some context, a strand of human hair is about 100 µm wide—you may want to swipe your hand across the surface before using your mouse.

    But for everyone else, Darkfield Laser Tracking gives you precise cursor control on virtually any surface—even glass.

    *At least 4 mm thick.

    Logitech® Unifying receiver

    Plug it. Forget it. Add to it. You’ve got the Logitech® Unifying receiver.
    The Unifying receiver stays in your notebook, so there’s no need to unplug it when you move around. It’s so tiny, you won’t need to worry about the receiver breaking off or getting lost.

    And it’s easy to add a compatible wireless keyboard or mouse to the same receiver. Build your ideal combo. Add something. Replace something. It’s as simple as can be and you’ll use only one USB port.

    Uniting your setup

    Your laptop is convenient. You use it on the couch, in the kitchen, at the coffee shop—wherever you want. Logitech makes your laptop as comfortable as it is convenient with portable mice and notebook-ready keyboards.
    The Logitech® Unifying receiver takes convenience a step further.
    The Logitech® Unifying receiver is a tiny, leave-in wireless receiver. Smaller than most coins, the Unifying receiver not only makes it easy to use a wireless keyboard, mouse, or number pad, it also works with up to six devices.

    Plug it in

    With the tiny wireless receiver, there’s no need to plug and unplug when you’re on the move. Or deal with the hassle of multiple receivers. The tiny Logitech® Unifying receiver stays in your notebook and lets you add devices as you need them.

    Forget about it

    The Unifying receiver is small and always ready. So small, in fact, you can leave it plugged into your USB port when you’re on the move—without worrying about breaking or losing it.

    Add to it

    It’s fast and easy to add a compatible wireless mouse, keyboard, or number pad to your receiver. You can mix, match, upgrade, or replace up to six devices—now or in the future—using just one USB port. To connect a new device, you simply open the connection software, click “Pair new device”, and turn the device off and on. That’s it.

    A tiny dynamo

    The Unifying receiver packs plenty of power. Built with Logitech® Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity, Logitech mice with the Unifying receiver give you the reliability of a cord—with the freedom of cordless. You’ll enjoy fast data transmission with virtually no delays or dropouts.
    Plug it. Forget it. Add to it. You’ve got the Logitech Unifying receiver.

    Compatible with Logitech® Unifying receivers

    Looking for a mouse or keyboard (or number pad) that is Unifying compatible? We’ll help you find the right one.

    Hyper-fast scrolling

    One spin is all it takes

    Scroll. Lift finger. Repeat. And repeat. And repeat.
    Sound familiar? If you’re tired of inch-worming through long documents and Web pages, take hyper-fast scrolling for a spin to fly instead of crawl.

    Scroll a lot?

    Your spreadsheets and documents are getting longer. Your digital photo and music libraries are bursting at the seams. And you’re glued to long Web pages that have you scrolling and scrolling and …. To get through it all, you’re doing a whole lot of scrolling. We’re talking 26 feet of it in your average eight-hour day, according to a Logitech study.
    That’s where hyper-fast scrolling comes in.

    From zero to line 10,000 in 7 seconds

    When you need to do some long-distance scrolling, hyper-fast scrolling unleashes the speed demon inside. What’s going on under the hood? The ratchet-scrolling mechanism you’re used to retracts so the wheel can spin with virtually no friction.
    Seven seconds. That’s how long some of our scroll wheels spin freely—speeding you through hundreds of pages or thousands of rows.
    And, oh yeah, it’s got precision handling too. With normal click-to-click scrolling, you can navigate your lists, slides, and images with the line-by-line control you need.

    Mice you can get comfortable with

    It all adds up

    Do you spend a lot of time with your mouse? Repeating the same hand and arm movements over and over again hundreds, if not thousands, of times a day? Even the littlest difference in design can make a big difference in your comfort.
    Logitech mice have all sorts of features that help increase your comfort and help reduce the amount of movement, effort, and strain needed to get around your computer.

    A natural fit

    If your hand had a choice in the matter, it would naturally take the angle of a handshake when your arm is bent.
    We figured nature might be on to something and created mice that are sculpted and sloped to let your hand take a more comfortable, handshake-like position. And that means your hand can relax.

    A better grip

    You lift and move your mouse again and again, all day long. If it’s hard to hold, it’s going to put a little extra strain on your hand. But don’t worry—we added non-slip rubber grips to many of our mice to increase friction and make it easier for you to hold and grab your mouse without squeezing.

    All about angles

    Extending your wrists and flexing your fingers for hours may not feel so good. That’s why we make low-profile mice that reduce the angle you need to extend your wrist. And we carefully place controls so that most hands can use them without flexing fingers more than 45 degrees.

    Navigating to comfort

    Comfort features aren’t the only ones that help your hand out. If you can get where you want to go faster, your hand does less work. Less work equals more comfort.
    Hyper-fast scrolling lets you fly through 10,000 lines of a spreadsheet with a single spin of the nearly frictionless wheel—something that would take 1,000 spins and seven minutes to do with a traditional scroll wheel. In the long run, that’s a whole lot less work that your finger has to do.

    Want more time-saving controls that can save your hand, too? Side-to-side scrolling plus zoom, application switching, and Forward and Backward buttons all help you do more things with less effort.

    Smooth moves

    Is your mouse fighting your moves? We’ve got mice with slick, low-resistance feet that allow them to glide more smoothly than your average mouse. When your mouse resists less, you don’t need to work as hard.

    The easy track

    You can even choose a mouse that doesn’t make you move very much at all. A trackball mouse stays in one place—you just move the ball with your finger or thumb. Plus, customizable buttons help you do more, more easily.

    SetPoint™ Software. Your mouse gets personal.

    A mouse makeover

    Your mouse gets the job done. It clicks. It scrolls. It gets you where you want to go. It might even do some fancy things—like zoom or flip documents.
    But did you know you can customize your Logitech mouse to work the way you want it to? SetPoint™ software makes it easy.

    If you have SetPoint, open it by clicking on the SetPoint icon (it’s the tiny mouse and keyboard in your tray, if you’re running Windows®) Or, you can select Logitech>Mouse and Keyboard>Mouse and Keyboard Settings from the Windows Start menu.

    Your buttons, your way

    Got a button you just don’t use? You can change its function to suit your needs. Maybe your mouse has a zoom button, but you’d prefer to use it for document flipping. Here’s all you need to do:

  • Open SetPoint
  • Find your mouse
  • Choose the button you want to change
  • Pick what you want it to do
    With some mice, like the MX™ Revolution and VX™ Revolution, you can even assign different functions to a button for different programs.
  • Pointer power

    Your cursor is under your control with SetPoint. To move the way you want to, you can change the pointer speed and acceleration, turn on pointer trails, and enable Smart Move to automatically move the pointer to the default button in dialog boxes. In some cases, it also lets you adjust the scrolling speed.

    Get ready for game time

    Gamers, we’ve got a little something for you in there, too. You can enable game detection and choose game mode settings that give you the competitive edge.

    Got juice?

    Is the end near for your batteries? It’s easy to find out—you just click the Mouse Batteries tab to see how they’re doing. With some mice, it will even let you know how much time they’ve got left.


    System Requirements
    • Windows-based PC
      • Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, or Windows® 7
      • CD-ROM drive or Internet connection
      • USB port
    • Mac® computer
      • Mac OS® X 10.4 or later
      • CD-ROM drive or Internet connection
      • USB port
    Warranty Information
    • 3-year limited hardware warranty
    Package Contents
    • Logitech Performance Mouse M950
    • Micro-USB charging cable
    • AC power supply
    • Pouch for charging system
    • USB receiver
    • Receiver extender cable
    • CD
    • Quick-start guide
    • Tips guide

    Part Number
    • PN 910-001788

    Logitech® Performance Mouse MX™