Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spice launches India’s first 3D mobile phone


Spice launches India’s first 3D mobile phone at Rs 4,299 as it is the country’s first 3D display mobile phone. This Spice 3D mobile phone allow users to experience images and videos in 3D without the 3D glasses, making it very convenient for a common user. Checkout here for this latest first 3D mobile phone features & specifications from below. Spice first 3D display mobile phone, View D, priced at Rs 4,299. The Handset maker Spice company is looking at selling 20,000- 30,000 units per month of View D, Vice President (Marketing) Naveen Paul said.

Asked about the lack of 3D content in India, Paul said, “In India, 3D is catching up and soon there would be more devices which support 3D and with that content would also come in.” The handset is equipped with a 2.4-inch 3D display screen, two megapixel camera, FM Radio, MP3 player and expandable memory up to 16GB. The Spice handset would be available through more than 50,000 retail points, including 750 Spice HotSpot retail stores.The Spice phone is also dual SIM (GSM+GSM) capable.

Spice View D’s screen is designed in a way that allows the user to toggle between a normal 2D or 3D user interface. Spice first 3D display mobile phone, View D also has a ‘remote wipe’ feature, which allows users to delete the data stored on their phones remotely, in case of loss of handset.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit

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Charge your phone with free and eco-friendly energy when you cycle

Use your own pedal power to charge your phone for free, efficiently and reliably, when you cycle. This durable charging kit is a convenient way to make sure you can stay in touch.Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit

An efficient source of energy

The Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit starts charging at walking speed (6 km/h) and stops when your speed reaches 50 km/h. The total charging time varies depending on the phone and the cycling speed. For example, with just 20 minutes of cycling at 10 km/h you can power up a Nokia 1202 for 1 hour of talk time or 74 hours of standby time. The Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit is compatible with all Nokia phones that have a 2 mm charging interface.

Easy to install

The Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit is easy to install and suits many different types of bicycles. The kit consists of three components: a bottle dynamo, a charger and a phone holder. The bottle dynamo fits to the front of the bike with a mounting bracket. The charger and phone holder attach securely to the handle bars. The charger, phone holder and phone can be removed easily whenever you park your bike.

Handy and secure

The rubberised phone holder mounts your phone securely to your bike and protects it from the vibrations of bumpy roads. You can mount it right in front of you on the handlebars so that you can see the charging progress and listen to music on your phone's speakers as you cycle.

Durable and reliable

The charger is carefully designed to withstand dirt, humidity, and weather, with an ultrasonically welded case and clear coating on the electronics. The dynamo is also very robust. The phone holder comes with a transparent bag to protect your phone from dirt and humidity.

Wallet-friendly and eco-friendly

Save money and save the environment by generating your own power as you cycle. The Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit pays itself back quickly through savings on charging costs. And because you generate the electricity, there is no additional environmental impact from charging.

Creative Cam Socialize HD webcam

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True HD quality, exciting new software

The Live! Cam Socialize HD webcam delivers the best HD image quality in your video captures. Whether you're video blogging, teleconferencing, or simply chatting with friends, you're guaranteed to always look your best. The Live! Cam Socialize HD comes with a true HD sensor equipped with high sensitivity, capable of capturing smooth widescreen HD resolution videos at 30 frames per second and letting you enjoy great quality images even under dim lighting conditions.

Jazz up your webcam experience by adding exciting effects to your chats with the bundled all-new Live! Central 2 software. The Media Show feature shares your pictures and other media content easily with family and friends while the Desktop Share tool lets you share the contents on your desktop, making collaborations a snap. Featuring a slim and compact design that brings you closer to eye-level contact, the Live! Cam Socialize HD is also aesthetically designed to enhance the intimacy of face-to-face interactions. Plus, you get to enjoy clear audio with the built-in noise-canceling microphone which effectively eliminates background noise.

HD quality videos and images

All in HD

The true HD sensor comes with high sensitivity, capturing great quality images even under dim lighting conditions.

1280x720 widescreen video resolution at up to 30 fps

Smooth video playback

The Live! Cam Socialize HD offers a 1280x720 widescreen video resolution at up to 30 frames per second. Perfectly ideal for smooth video playback, especially on widescreen displays.

Live! Central 2 software

New Live! Central 2 software

Packed with exciting new features, get the whole Live! Cam experience with this bundled software. The Media Show and Desktop Share features enhance your sharing experiences with friends and family while the audio and visual effects spice up your chats with voice and backdrop changes.

Convenience of plug and chat

Up and running in no time!

Get all the convenience of plug and chat with no driver installations at all!

Ergonomic design for comfortable chats

Stylish and compact design

Sporting a slim and ergonomic design with a multi-attach base, the Live! Cam Socialize HD mounts easily onto notebook and LCD displays. The camera lens is also at eye-level, allowing you to enjoy intimate face-to-face interaction with your loved ones.

Displays top Live! Messenger contacts

One touch to connect

Capture still images, or start and stop video recording with a single touch. You can even use this to chat with your frequently called Live Messenger contacts!

Built-in noise-canceling microphone

Captures voice clearly

The built-in microphone comes with noise-cancellation to eliminate background noise, offering you clearer audio for voice and video chats.

Parental Control

Keeping it safe

Use a password to secure your Live! Cam Socialize HD and prevent unauthorized usage. Each time you activate the webcam, you will be prompted for the password.

Compatible with popular instant messaging software

Enhance your instant messaging with video!

Works with Skype™, Windows Live™ Messenger, Yahoo!®Messenger and other compatible instant messaging services

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Logitech Laptop Speaker Z305

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Get room-filling, 360-degree sound to go from this clip-on laptop speaker with one USB connection for power and audio.



Laptop Speaker Z305

Room-filling, 360-degree sound

Room-filling, 360-degree sound

Your speaker projects sound more evenly in all directions, so you enjoy rich, clear sound from any angle throughout the room.

Plug and play

Plug and play

The USB connection delivers power and pure, digital audio from a single cord—without the need for software or an external power supply.

Simple, clip-on design

Simple, clip-on design

Your speaker attaches securely to most laptops and netbooks, so you can easily use it anywhere you use your computer—your office, your bed, the airport and more.

Storable cord

Storable cord

The USB cable tucks neatly into the back of your speaker, giving you a look that’s sleek and clutter-free.

Travel case

Travel case

Your speaker stays protected while inside your bag or briefcase.

Auxiliary input

Auxiliary input

A standard 3.5 mm stereo jack opens up your music possibilities to just about any portable music player or computer.

Portable design

Portable design

This compact speaker doesn’t take up much room on your desk or bookshelf—or in your laptop bag.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Samsung BD-C5500 Blu-ray Player with Internet@TV

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The Samsung BD-C5500 Blu-ray Player offers Internet@TV, which delivers the best of the web, straight to your HDTV, with downloadable widgets and apps. You can shop online, share pictures, catch up with friends and connect to a wide range of streaming digital content at the touch of a button. It also has wireless LAN built-in. Add to that AllShare™, which streams content between DLNA devices and you'll see how easy it is to play files from your PC. You can even use your telephone through your TV.

Image Quality Beyond Imagination

Image Quality Beyond Imagination

Experience true 1080p high definition – the best picture you can get. Crystal-clear detail and cinematic resolution come home, at last. It’s the state of the high definition art. Your favourite movies are reborn in Blu-ray, when you discover what you’ve been missing. The BD-C5500 can also up-convert DVDs to near high definition quality so even your old movies get a renewed lease on life. And we didn’t neglect your ears – high definition extends to the audio spectrum courtesy of Dolby True® HD Technology.

Video and Music on Demand

Video and Music on Demand

Samsung's Blu-ray player is a truly a full media experience packed into one player. Now directly from your player, you can enjoy access to You Tube where it’s easy to broadcast yourself. Upload your home videos and stream them right to your TV. Or search the millions of videos from other YouTube users.

PC Streaming

PC Streaming

When you use the PC Streaming function, content stored on a PC can be directly streamed to the Blu-Ray player (wirelessly or via ethernet connection), allowing you to enjoy your favourite media files in a home cinema setting.



Advanced connectivity feature syncs all your Samsung components, for the best possible picture quality.

Samsung AS125TKA – 1.0 T (5 STAR) a/c

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Unlimited Comfort.

Stabiliser Free

 Stabiliser Free

The World’s First S-UTR™ compressor in Samsung air conditioners withstands voltage fluctuations as low as 135V to as high as 290V and reduces the need for an additional stabiliser during power fluctuations.



Samsung’s Biosleep ensures your environment stays at the most comfortable temperature with automatic humidity adjustment to guarantee a good night’s sleep.

S-Touch of Colour

 S-Touch of Colour

Samsung has created a new design of an air conditioner for your ultra modern lifestyle. Unlike the usual flat white look, Samsung has specially designed the front panel of its air conditioner with the Touch of Colour look. This sophisticated and colourful look add a touch of class to your home interiors.
Available in 6 elegant colours:
Cherry Wine; Copper , Black, Chocolate Brown, Pearl White.

Carbon Deodoriser

 Carbon Deodoriser

Activated carbon is incorporated in the filter. This smart deodorising filter with its splendid talent absorbs cigarette smoke, pet odours and all other unpleasant odours.

Comfort Care

Too much air conditioning is not only hazardous to your health, but also harmful for the environment as it wastes energy. Samsung’s S-Series Air Conditioner uses the least amount of energy to maintain comfort levels so you and the environment stay healthy. Comfort care not only controls temperature but also maintains humidity for optimised comfort.



Samsung developed the S-UTR™ (Ultra Tropical Rotary) compressor featuring incredible power that can quickly cool the air even in severe hot climates, and withstand voltage fluctuations as low as 135V to as high as 290V and reduces the need for an additional stabiliser during power fluctuations.
S-UTR™ with its high torque motor has the reliability to maintain superb performance even in severe temperatures of up to 54°C for a long time. The latest S-UTR™ succeeded in saving energy consumption and increased energy efficiency by 10%. Now, switch on your air conditioner and enjoy the refreshing cool air brought to you by the S-UTR.

54°C S-UTR

 54°C S-UTR

Samsung developed the S-UTR™ (Ultra Tropical Rotary) compressor featuring incredible power that can quickly cool the air even in severe hot climates, and withstand voltage fluctuations as low as 135V to as high as 290V and reduces the need for an additional stabiliser during power fluctuations.
S-UTR™ with its high torque motor has the reliability to maintain superb performance even in severe temperatures of up to 54°C for a long time. The latest S-UTR™ succeeded in saving energy consumption and increased energy efficiency by 10%. Now, switch on your air conditioner and enjoy the refreshing cool air brought to you by the S-UTR.

Smart Saver

 Smart Saver

Save up to 31% on Your Electricity Bill. Smart Saver operates the air conditioner automatically in the least amount of time necessary to cool the room, which saves electricity. With the Smart Saver, you can stop worrying about your electricity bill and start enjoying cool comfort.

Catechin Filter

 Catechin Filter

The Catechin filter, extracted from green tea, deactivates captured bacteria and dust. Also, this outstanding filter helps to remove unpleasant odours to keep your home fresh and clean.

G'Five U979 Dual SIM dual standby

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Dual SIM dual standby

Music phone

High Definition display

High Definition camera

Music/Video player

G'Five U979 is designed as an excellent music phone with stereo speaker.

Dual SIM allows you to keep in touch with your contacts all the time.

Dual SIM dual standby (GSM+GSM) eliminates the irritating problem of switching between the SIMs.

To enjoy multimedia entertainment, this music phone enables you to play music/video files and tune in FM radio with high quality.

This music phone also has features like Bluetooth, expandable memory card up to 4GB, hands-free, clock, user profiles,  personalized ringtone and image, flight mode,

Panasonic Nanocare Facial Ionic Steamer

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  • Nanocare Facial Ionic Steamer
  • Generates ultra fine Nano particle steam
    - 1/8000 of an ordinary steam
  • Suitable for all skin type
  • Small and portable design

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  • Ultra Fine Nano Particle Ion Steam
  • Deep Moisture Retention
  • Clinically Proven

Ultra Fine Nano Particle Ion Steam

Introducing electric releasing arc technology to effectively create nano particle ion steam. Highly energetic are disintegrates the steam into extremely minute particles. Nano ion steam particle is only one over eight thousand of the ordinary steam.

Deep Moisture Retention

As nano* particle ion steam is approximately one over eight thousand of ordinary steam, the water particle is able to completely reach the deepest layer of keratin. Thus, deep moisture retention becomes easily achievable.

Clinically Proven

    Consistent use of Nanocare Facial Ionic Steamer is able to effectively produce the following effects:
  • Moisturize dry skin
  • Reduce oil
  • Strengthen skin's resistence and suppleness
  • Refine pores hence resulting in a more tender and smoother skin

The New Panasonic FULL HD 3D Tv

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The Bridge to a New 3D Experience

  • FULL HD 3D with 3D Eyewear included
  • Infinite Black Pro with Dynamic Contrast 5,000,000:1
  • 600Hz Sub-field Drive & 1080 Line Moving Picture Resolution
  • VIERA CAST with Skype
  • THX® Certified Display

Sub navigation of Feature

  • NeoPDP - an entirely new kind of Plasma
  • Frame Sequential Technology - Full HD Signals for Each Eye
  • High-speed 3D Drive Technology - Greater Beauty for Both 2D and 3D Images
  • Crosstalk Reduction Technology - Clear 3D Display with Minimal Afterimage
  • 3D Eyewear - High-Precision Shutter Control Sends Clear Images to Each Eye
  • Infinite Black Panel Pro - Rich, Detailed Blacks
  • 600Hz Sub-field Drive
  • Moving Picture Resolution 1080 Lines
  • Wide Colour Viewing Angle
  • 24p Smooth Film
  • VIERA Image Viewer (Photos and Videos)
  • Skype™ on VIERA TV
  • DLNA/Wi-Fi Ready
  • VIERA Link
  • USB Connection
  • Game Mode
  • Reduced Power Consumption
  • Long Life Panel

NeoPDP - an entirely new kind of Plasma

NeoPDP is an entirely new Plasma design. NeoPDP combines breakthrough revisions in three critical areas - materials and processes; discharge gas and cell design; and circuit and drive technology. Together these advantages bring you twice the luminous efficiency of previous displays.

Frame Sequential Technology - Full HD Signals for Each Eye

The technology in which the left-eye and right-eye 3D images are sent to the viewer is key to the 3D image quality. For this, Full HD 3D uses something called Frame Sequential technology. First, the plasma display panel, which has a number of inherent advantages for moving picture resolution, was further advanced to allow images for each of the left and right eyes to be alternately reproduced at the rate of 60 frames per second (fps), making a total fps for both eyes. Viewers watch the images through high-precision 3D Eyewear, which open and close the left and right shutters in synchronization with the alternating images. As a result, a separate 1920 x 1080 full-HD image is sent to each eye. This addresses the image quality problems and blurring that were common to previous 3D systems, and creates sharp, crisp 3D images.

High-speed 3D Drive Technology - Greater Beauty for Both 2D and 3D Images

The Frame Sequential technology of Full HD 3D requires the images to be displayed at 1/120 of a second, which is twice as fast as ordinary full-HD images. If the luminescence time for each frame were simply shortened, the screen brightness would be lowered. To solve this problem, the luminescence time was shortened and the luminescence intensity was raised, which made it possible to produce bright, crisp 3D images.

Crosstalk Reduction Technology - Clear 3D Display with Minimal Afterimage

The Frame Sequential technology shortens the luminescence time for each frame. If the pixel afterglow remains unchanged, the previous image will remain as an afterimage when the next image is produced. Newly developed fast-decay R and G phosphors reduce the afterimage time to 1/3, to create crisp 3D images with no visible afterimage.

3D Eyewear - High-Precision Shutter Control Sends Clear Images to Each Eye

Highly precise control completely closes the shutters for both eyes at the instant that the images change for the left and right eyes. This masks unwanted afterimages to enable clear and comfortable 3D viewing.

Infinite Black Panel Pro - Rich, Detailed Blacks

With Infinite Black Panel Pro, VIERA® HDTVs are able to display extremely robust blacks. A new panel and improvements to the cell discharge area dramatically increase contrast when viewing in brightly lit locations. And reducing the electrical pre-discharge that causes graying has greatly enhanced black gradation. As a result, deep, rich blacks are displayed in virtually any viewing area, from living rooms to bedrooms. Even in dark film scenes, clothing textures and individual strands of hair are clearly reproduced.

600Hz Sub-field Drive

600Hz technology lets you view superb full-HD motion and still images with 1,080 lines of resolution. For even greater clarity with motion images, Panasonic uses its own unique image-analysis technology. This technology converts the motion in each scene into dots. And each frame is practically displayed for a shorter length of time than in previous systems, to reduce aftereffects. *When using cinema mode.

Moving Picture Resolution 1080 Lines

VIERA plasma TVs feature 1080 lines of moving picture resolution. You can enjoy clear, detailed images even in fast-moving scenes, with no blurring or afterimages. The NeoPDP technology's high-speed drive performance instantly generates a large electrical discharge and shortens the display time for each image frame to minimise afterimages. This makes virtually every scene crystal-clear, including decisive calls in football matches and the dynamic yet delicate motions in figure skating performances.

Wide Colour Viewing Angle

View breathtaking images with rich, vivid colours from anywhere in the room. Because plasma TVs are self-illuminating, images look beautiful from any angle. Black areas do not fade, and colours look virtually the same no matter where you sit.

24p Smooth Film

Enjoy naturally flowing 24p films and familiar TV-like quality. In plasma displays, increasing the number of frames creates smoother images. When reproducing images from a 24p film source, VIERA's 24p Smooth Film function generates smooth, natural-looking images.

VIERA Image Viewer (Photos and Videos)

It's easy to view full-HD images with the SD card slot. Watch and show your photos and motion images right after you take them. Simply insert an SD Card into VIERA to display photos and full-HD videos on the large screen. An easy-to-see, easy-to-use thumbnail display has also been added. Special new slideshow frames, and an increased number of display effects are also included. Plus, Reversal Film Effect mode makes photo colours so rich and vibrant, even a professional photographer will appreciate them. Messages and memos can be added to photos from a PC to create detailed travelogues and original slideshows with messages for special people. This further expands the possibilities for VIERA enjoyment.


Enjoy Internet content right on your TV. With VIERA CAST technology, you can enjoy online content such as videos, photos, weather and stock information through an easy-to-use Web interface that's built into the TV. Other services are also becoming available, one after another, such as "tweeting" web communications via Twitter™ and home video and audio conferencing with Skype™. In addition, VIERA CAST provides USB terminals for a USB Keyboard and Wireless LAN Adaptor. No PC required.

Skype™ on VIERA TV

DLNA/Wi-Fi Ready

Make your home even more comfortable by linking your digital home appliances with DLNA. This new system lets you share images, videos and other content through DLNA-compatible TVs and computers, connected to a router over a LAN network. You can also enjoy this content in different rooms. For example, you can watch still and motion images that are saved onto your PC on a large-screen TV. Using a Wi-Fi connection lets you connect devices anywhere in the house over a wireless network for the most flexible installation ever.


VIERA Link allows the interlinked operation of various AV devices using only the VIERA remote control, by simply connecting the devices to each other by an HDMI cable.

USB Connection

Use the USB terminal to watch PC-stored photos and videos, or listen to music, on your large-screen VIERA TV. Similar to VIERA Image Viewer, you can enjoy a variety of easy-to-use functions, such as slideshows and thumbnail displays. You can also connect a USB Keyboard for more comfortable VIERA CAST enjoyment.

Game Mode

In Game Mode, quicker image response increases the enjoyment of video games when a game console is connected to the TV. What's more, VIERA produces the dark images in video games more clearly. This mode works with the anti-image retention (wobbling) function, too.